¿How do you take care of your skin after sun exposure?

The outermost layer of healthy skin contains between 10% and 20% moisture agents. In the lower dermis, the presence of water is another 10%, and is this layer that gives our skin a healthy and smooth appearance.

We can drink water, eat foods rich in vitamin C and E, and do some physical exercises to moisturize and condition our skin. However, even if we drink tons of water, the skin doesn´t usually get the necessary levels of water to compensate for the excess of solar radiation. This is when a good skin care routine is most needed to take care of your skin…

When you tan, it´s not only about taking care of yourself during the sun exposure (with sun protection, wearing a cap.) but also AFTER. Here are some tips to make sure your skin stays hydrated, healthy and good-looking after sun exposure:

1. It´s essential that facial cleansing is even more thoughtful during the summer to remove any traces of sunscreen, salt and chlorine. At night, go for double cleansing (#RecoveryCleanser + #Purify) that will leave your skin radiant looking. This way, all the treatment that you are going to apply after, will penetrate much better (since there will not be any greasy residues that could block them from getting in), and you will be able to obtain all the benefits of these products in your skin.

To learn more about the double cleansing, click here to go to our blog about it.

2. Exfoliate once a week with #Detoxify and /or #Revival to fight against free radicals and skin oxidation. These two specific treatments are composed of Active Carbon, which helps to protect our skin from stains and improve existing ones. In summer is a critical time to treat them!

3. Extra hydration and antioxidants! Exposure to salt, chlorine, heat, sweat, moisture causes the skin to become even more dehydrated during summer time, and exposure to the sun causes the skin to oxidize. #Moisture + Light or #Moisture plus are your friends also in summer. Both have 19 active principles of low molecular weight, so that they penetrate well and don´t generate a layer of grease in the skin. They a carry high percentage of ingredients against free radicals that help prevent staining and aging of the skin.

4. (ONLY) At night, apply #Unify. If you have dark spots, it will unify them. Otherwise, it will prevent them.

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5. Acne usually improves in the summer months thanks to sea water. If you need to control the grease on your skin and you continue to suffer from acne during the summer season, #Clear will become your serum-best-friend.

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