We are in that time of the year that some enjoy but others hate. Its the time where you are constantly thinking about gifts and and having to go to family and friends gatherings that we do not always feel like while eating and drinking excessively ...

Did you know that for 60.2% of people this time of the year causes an imbalance both physically and mentally? Well, we want to help you to be in your center.

On these dates we tend to forget about the habits that makes us feel goof during in our daily life. We bring you tips so you can take care of yourself, which is possible even on these dates.
  • Hydrate yourself: We know... It´s something that everyone says but here I leave you three elements so you know why it´s actually critical to do so, especially at this time.                                                                                   

- Food: Helps us improve digestion and avoid excessive intakes.                                                                           
- The use of alcohol increases on these dates and for every 250 ml of alcoholic drink ingested, the body exits between 800 and 1,000 ml of water. In other words, four times more fluid is lost than is gained, causing dehydration, and this is noticeable on the skin and in the way we feel.           

- Temperatures are low, the skin tends to dry out, so we recommend using Moisture Plus as a moisturizer. It will provide you with all the hydration you need in addition to that touch of relaxation due to its sensoriality and ingredients related to aromatherapy that have a great impact on us.


  • Do not overcommit or try to be in all the events that are held in your closest environment. Wanting to do many things at the same time will fill you with stress, which turns into anxiety. A good idea is to try to differentiate between what you want to do, what you do out of obligation or  what you do because of social pressure.


  • Take a moment for yourself:  Before leaving home for all those meetings and dinners, enjoy a moment of caring for yourself. Here are some ideas of how you can help you follow your peace and tranquility - Use your favorite product of the brand, apply it with our My Moment ™ ritual to immerse yourself in the self-care of your skin, and calm the mind and skin to look your best version of you at that dinner.

For the different situations that you find yourself in these dates, we give you tricks to feel better ...
Here are specific situations related to these dates that produce stress that can be controlled with our tricks:

  • Large meetings that generate stress:
Trick- Grab a ball of paper, a rock, or something small. Take it and put it in your pocket, that object will be like your "get away" for when you feel overwhelmed or stressed, it will remind you to return to the present moment, fill yourself with calm and become aware of the positive things you have.
    • The excessive meals: It´s not only about the extra food, but the discomfort that it entails later:                                                                                   
    Trick- Consciously ask yourself these 3 questions: What do I need? What do I want? What is my body asking for? And be true to yourself and just enjoy listening to your body.

      Be positive, and aware that the most important thing in life is to feel good, and that is done when you look good and when you are good to yourself.