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¿Porqué usar Serenity Oil?

Los aceites botánicos son una forma ideal para poder mantener la piel nutrida durante todo el día y evitar los efectos que conlleva la deshidratación en nuestra piel. (siempre hay que usar una fase acuosa antes de el uso del aceite) Los aceites son una concentración de activos y grasas (lípidos) esenciales para la piel , y por eso también son considerados un serum.

Serenity oil nuestro aceite orgánico calmante y hidratante. Con efectos renovadores y curativos que tiene, proporciona una rápida absorción y es ideal de aplicar debajo del maquillaje o después de tu crema diaria /Mist para «sellar» la hidratación. Compuesto de una selección exclusiva de aceites y extractos orgánicos, calmantes y curativos que aportan a tu piel todo lo necesario para verla sana y calmada.

¿Qué efectos voy a notar?

A corto plazo sentirás la piel hidratada, suave y luminosa al instante. La piel amanece fresca y renovada.

A largo plazo, Serenity te ayudará a recuperar la elasticidad de la piel, calmar irritaciones y rojeces.

¿Cómo es usarlo? (sensación, textura, aroma)?

Textura oleosa y fluida que se funde en tu piel al masajear. Rica y ligera a la vez, es un producto diferente, que usamos como complemento a nuestra crema o mist para elevar nuestra rutina a otro nivel. La combinación de todos los aceites esenciales que lo componen, le dan ese toque único en su aroma y su composición de alta absorción que deja la piel nutrida sin ese toque graso. Un regalo para tus sentidos, que te transmite calma al instante.

    Es para ti si...

    • You suffer from irritation or dry or "lifeless" skin.
    • You are looking for a fast-absorbing oil that does not leave you that oily sensation typical of oils, and that provides luminosity and hydration.
    • Serenity Oil is a safe product to use during pregnancy. However, we always recommend checking with your doctor before using new products (every pregnancy and every woman is different)
    • Serenity Oil es un producto seguro para usar durante el embarazo. Sin embargo, siempre recomendamos consultar con tu médico antes de usar los productos nuevos (cada embarazo y cada mujeres son únicos)
    PASO 1

    Shake well before use.

    PASO 2

    Warm 3-4 drops between your fingers.

    PASO 3

    Breath in deeply 2-3 times and relax, allowing the essential oils aroma penetrate your limbic system.

    PASO 4

    Massage skin in ascending movements. We recommend to use Serenity on a moist face or after applying daily moisturizer. Massage in an upwards motion.

    Key Ingredients

    Serenity Oil is composed by 100% natural ingredients and the best botanical oils that will change your skin. Here you can see the key ingredients that make it so special:

    Grapeseed oil

    Great as a base oil as it has light texture and does not give a feeling of oiliness to the skin. Moisturizes without clogging the pores. Ideal for all skin types. Helps to reduce the appearance of scars.

    Extracto de manzanilla orgánica

    Calms skin from irritatiosna nd inflamation.

    Aceite de chia orgánico

    Chia seed oil is a great source of vitamin B3 and zinc, which help oily skin and clogged pores to look clear. For an acne- prone skin, chia seed oil works to diminish the appearance of breakouts.

    Ex. de raíz de regaliz

    Not very typical for skincare products. originally comes from the ayurveda tradition of cleansing. Applying Liquorice in topical form can help bring your skin to a smooth, lighter tone.

    Aceite de camelia orgánico

    Camellia Oil protects the skin from drying out while replenishing vital nutrients. It has outstanding moisture retaining ability and is one of the most rapidly absorbed plant oils. Known for its ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. It helps promotes skin elasticity.

    Aceite de rosa mosqueta orgánico (Soul Ingredient)

    Helps reduce wrinkles, skin inflammations and regenerate new cells. Known as the essence of self love. The aroma transmits us sensation Rose oil calms tensions and unlocks internal conflicts, giving us a feeling of well-being coupled with inner happiness. Rosehip provides security by stimulating feminine wisdom.

    Ex. de árnica orgánica

    The Arnica plant is known for its healing properties. It can be applied to the skin in order to heal bruises more quickly. Soothes skin inflammation.

    Aceite esencial de Blue Tansy

    Blue tansy is a potent anti-inflammatory that helps reduce the appearance of redness and skin irritation. Helps treat eczema and acne. Very expensive essential oil and has a unique typical blue color.

    Aceite de lino

    Enhances skin health and increases skin moisture. Rich in Omega 3 and essential fatty acids for the skin. Improves skin normal functionalities and brings back its natural glow.

    Coenzima Q10

    Silica gives a special gloe to the skin as it is a strong carrier of oxygen, and it increases the transport of both nutrients and oxygen to the skin. Also, it reduces the feel of oiliness inside of products, and that allows our prodcut its light texture!

    Centella Asiatica

    Strong antioxidant that fight the effects of free radicals over the skin.

    Ver inci

    Vitis Vinifera (Grape) seed oil ***, Olea Europea (Olive) Fruit oil* , Calendula (Calendula) Officinalis Flower Extract*, Camelia Oleifera (camelia) Seed Oil*, Rosa Canina (Virgin Rosehip) oil***, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (sweet Almond) oil***, Glycina Soja (Soja) oil*, Salvia Hispanica (Chia) Seed oil*, Vegetable glycerin*****, Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract***, Hetheroteca Inuloides extract (arnica) flower*, Linun Usitatissimum (Line) seed oil***, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate (veg. fatty acid)*****, Argania Spinosa (Argan) oil*, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (licorice) root extract*, Tanacetum Anuum (Blue Tansy) flower oi*, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) oil**, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Sweet orange) Peel oil** , Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) oil**, Bisabolol (derived from German chamomile )*****, Tocopherol (vitamin E)***, Beta-Sitosteol (plant sterole)*****, Potassium sorbate (salt)*****, Squalene (vegetable emollient)*****, Silica (natural densifier)*****, Linalool****, Geraniol****, Limonene****

    * Certified Organic **100% Pure essential oil ***100% pure botanical source ****Natural essential oils constituent ***** Certified botanical derived

    Shipments: In the peninsula: FREE from € 39 and we give you 4 samples so you can try other products from our collection. International: FREE from € 120 and we give you 4 samples for you to try other products from our collection. Returns: Our products are also sold in beauty centers and in the best niche stores that are experts in natural or organic beauty and that’s why we hope you like them too! If for some reason, you don't like it, you can return it in up to 60 days.



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