I'll tell you a little about my journey...

I have been creating natural, emotional cosmetics for more than 20 years. But my it all began in my childhood...

I loved taking care of myself with creams since I was little, facial, body, I had all kinds. But it wasn't until I was 20 years old when I started studying and practicing psychology and aromatherapy that I just clicked and since then I realized that my destiny was to create products to others connect with themselves.

And how do I do it? My cosmetics, in addition to being natural and vegan, have two elements that make them unique.

First my ingredients, which are specially designed to change your skin and touch your soul. I always use ingredients that are multi-functional - that work whit both, the skin and our being, with the unique combination of aromatherapy and Ayurveda.

And second, MY MOMENT Ritual. We are always so busy doing a million things at the time and we do not usually have enough time to dedicate a moment to take care of ourselves That is why I wanted to create a ritual that when you practice it, it would be your moment of mindfulness where you take care of yourself as a person.

My Moment is a unique moment in your present for yourself, so that you can enjoy taking care of you inside and out.