Our wellbeing determinates how we feel and look. Dafna has developed My MomentTM routine to help us reconnect with our inner center.

In Dafna´s personal skincare ,we go beyond addressing skin issues, and we are proving you with this ritual to treat yourself as a whole being inside and outside.

This routine is based on the application of our product with a unique massage, traditional oriental pulsing techniques and essential oils impact because we want to elevate your skin ritual, to another level.
Bringing My Moment TM ritual into your life would potentially help you to reduce your daily stress and have a healthier, more radiant skin.

We invite you to practice My Moment TM ritual in your daily (morning /night) using of our creams/oil, as well as our meditation, created by the professional mindfullness expert Raquel Flores.

Disconnect, to connect with yourself.

“A balanced & mindful skin care routine allows us to feel more in control over our skin, our thoughts, and consequently on our life”.

Step by step


Apply a small amount of cream to your fingertips. Inhale the cream/oil. Repeat the inhalation process 2-3 times and let yourself cool down.


Tap the cream with gentle movements from inside to the outside and from the bottom to the top.


Continue by massaging the cream/oil in small circles and small pressures around the temples, between the eyebrows and behind the ears. Use this moment to relax and enjoy.


Put your hand on top of your face, gently touching them. Inhale profoundly with closed eyes.


After the steps conducted here, Dafna Invites you to use our Kansa wand for a deeper treatment. View Kansa wand