Answering your questions about Serenity Oil

 During these days, I have shared with you a lot of information about Serenity Oil, our latest release. You probably already know what it is: a soothing organic oil, formulated to recover the elasticity of the skin, soothe irritations and solar aggression and relieve dry skin.

It is composed of a selection of oils and organic extracts, soothing and healing such as Arnica, Chamomile, Blue Tansy and chia.

 In this postI wanted to gather some of the questions you have already sent me.

“At what time should #SerenityOil be applied?“

   After facial cleansing and preferably after applying our Active Mist and with the skin still moist, as this way we help the oil to penetrate the skin.

“And how should #SerenityOil be applied?“

   With clean skin, You can follow our wellness ritual.

Apply 5-6 drops of Serenity and warm the oil between the palms of your hands. Then breath deep and enjoy your smell for a few seconds. When you warm the oil in your hands, the aromas of the essential oils will be activated; This translates into a greater feeling of relaxation and greater effectiveness of the product.

Now you can apply the oil on your skin and massage it until completely absorbed. This way you will get the product to penetrate your skin and you can enjoy all its benefits.

“Is it better to use it in the morning or at night?“

   My advice is that you do better at night to take advantage of the rest hours to calm and balance the skin; although you can use it whenever you want or your skin feels irritated or dehydrated.

“I have very sensitive skin, is it #SerenityOil for me?“

   Yes! The oils and extracts used in its formulation are optimal and effective also for the most sensitive skin (Arnica, Chamomile, Blue Tansy, Camellia oils … ) You must take into account that the product includes essential oils in low percentage so if you have any sensitivity to essential oils please check the product first..

In addition, Serenity , being an oil without water, we could formulate without adding preservatives, which is the main factor for most skin allergies.

“And should I apply any other crema, after I apply #SerenityOil?”

   It depends on what your skin needs. When applying Serenity over dump skin, you will get the oil to penetrate and the skin is ready to receive the rest of the products if necessary.

In very dry skin, let the oil act for a few minutes and then you can apply Moisture + or Nutrition depending on your needs. In normal skin, Moisture + or Light. In mixed skin, Moisture + or Light and in very oily skin there is no need to add anything else.

“I don’t like oils because of the skin’s barrier effect“

   That’s because you haven’t tried our #SerenityOil. My formulas are not about a mixture of ingredients and that’s  it. In our advanced technology and formulation, we use ingredients such as Squalene (oil emulsifier) or Silica (natural mineral) which make the oil at a molecular level is very light and penetrates the skin in a surprising way.