Our ingredients have 3 origins that are the pilars of our products:



We believe in all the benefits that natural cosmetics bring to us. That is why we choose to always bring the best natural, organic and vegan ingredients into our products.

• Certified natural with up to 95% organic ingredients.

•Ingredients are certified, no GMO, no cruelty and fair trade.

•Pioneer biotechnology & science.

•All ingredients are certified to be clean, natural /bio

•We strictly choose ingredients with a meaning behind it; that are beneficial to the skin and will create amazing results.

•We DO NOT use any grey ingredients where we are not sure on the results over the skin.


We look worldwide for the most advanced, pioneer and with proven results biotech to answer each product specific needs. Results oriented by the best combinations.. The biotech we use is always:

•100% natural and certified

• Always tested on clinical trails (in vivo) and ex-vivo (lab analysis)

• 100% originates from plants. No animal derived ingredients.

•Safe to use. (passed irritability tests, skin irritation and Cytotoxicity)

•Always approved by the European cosmetics legislation.



We invented the concept soul to describe our ingredients.

The unique combination between essential oils, and ayurvedic extracts, that touch our soul as well as our skin.

In each product we use the most suitable soul ingredients depending on the purpose of the product, just to bring you the best for each one of them.

Our products go Beyond Skin Deep.