FAQ: what you need to know about UNIFY

These days we are happy to share with all of you our latest launch: UNIFY, our anti-pigmentation serum. We have been working on it for a long time and we know that it will become a staple in many facial care routines.

In this post we want to answer all those most common questions that arise regarding UNIFY. If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments, contact us via social networks (Instagram & Facebook) or send us an email to info@dafnaskincare.com. We will be delighted to help you!

First, I leave you these two posts in which you will obtain valuable information on how to remove facial blemishes and you will know in depth Unify and its anti-pigmentation routine.

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Please, take a look at them before continuing, if you haven’t already;)


UNIFY is a concentrated serum designed to reduce visible signs of pigmentation and to provide the skin with a more even look and boost its radiance.

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Frequently asked questions: UNIFY, anti-pigmentation serum

When can we start seeing result?

Noticeable results will take place after about 2 weeks of constant use. Important- to avoid sun exposure while treating the skin, using sun protection.

Do we need to apply UNIFY only on the spots or can we apply it all over the skin?

Can be applied over all the skin. UNIFY will help unify the entire skin tone.

Can we expect rebound/ side effects?

No. There is no rebound- but if you stop treatment and expose to the sun, your skin will start generate again the pigmentation. So the best thing is to keep using always sun protection and to wear a hat. It is important to mention that a skin with tendency for pigmentation- will still have this tendency, so extra caution is needed.

Can it be used for people with sensitive skin and rosacea?

Yes. Though sensitive skin can always suffer some problems (even Aloe vera can cause some skins to

have sensitivity).

Can it be used together with medical treatment?

In general yet, but always consult your doctor.

Can it be used during pregnancy?

Yes, but it UNIFY will be les effective due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. In general during pregnancy it is best to consult your doctor.

We hope we have helped you! If you need more information, you can leave us a comment 🙂