MY MOMENT: because taking care of your skin is not just taking care of your skin

MY MOMENT is much more than a moment, it is a ritual designed for you. Because you deserve it.

In this month and with this weather, lots of us spend more time at home, and dedicate time to think about the year we had and what we want from the coming year….

I am a true believer in the importance of rituals in our life. They stay with us. They mark us. Even the small things. Practicing dedicating time to our skin, is not just about our skin.. it’s about dedicating time to ourselves.

MY MOMENT skincare ritual

I propose you to dedicate some time just for you, it does not have to be a lot but it does have quality.

Find a place to relax, reconnect with your feelings and love your skin again. At the same time, you can choose lighting that makes you feel good or you can even put on music that inspires you. It is your moment, surround yourself with everything that makes you feel calm.

Now is the time to slowly enjoy our products. Have you observed its texture? Have you noticed its aroma? They contain organic essential oils with aromatic properties that, when applied to the appropriate pulse points derived from Chinese tradition, you will obtain multiple benefits.

You can perform the ritual in the morning or in the evening, or twice! For me, a night routine is the best plan to end the day. A time to let go of the things that were not good and remind myself of the things that were good, that worked for me. A moment to thank and to remind myself that at the end of the day, the most important thing is to write a love letter to myself that makes me better.

In each of our products you will see that we detail how to apply it to enjoy the benefits of the MY MOMENT ™ ritual. You can also see it in the product sheets on our website.

Our most sensory products

Products that invite you to enjoy not only their effect on the skin but also what they are capable of achieving at a sensory level with their aromas, textures, colors … I would love for you to tell me in comments which are your favorites 😉