What does it mean to have a DRY SKIN?

Dry skin is a skin that lacks oily components. It is the consequence of a low activity of the sebaceous glands.

Dry skin is usually more common in thin and delicate skins. According to Ayurveda this type of skin is called Vata, which is a thinner skin, con tendency to cold feeling and less resistant to climate and hormonal changes. To treat dry Vata skin, you should activate and massage it, This way its natural glow and absorption of the ingredientes is higher. Dry skin manifests itself in a lack of hydration that favors the early appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

What does it mean to have a DEHYDRATED SKIN?

This is NOT a skin type but a skin condition. It happens when the skin lacks water. All skin types (oily, combination, dry) can experience dehydration at some point. The hydrolipidic barrier is altered and struggles to retain the water naturally produced by our body. There are a number of factors that can cause dehydration, such as weather changes, pollution, stress, smoking, ultraviolet rays, fatigue and incorrect use of cosmetics.

Below you see our recommended routine:

Step 1- Cleansing

We start by deeply cleansing the skin with Recovery Cleanser. I the dry areas, thoughfully massage into the skin to make all the regenerating properties penetrate better onto the skin deepest layers. It will remove all impurities, so that our skin is clean for the next step. Recovery Cleanser is one of our most sensorial products, due to its texture and aroma…

Step 2 - Mist/ Toner

Product: ACTIVE MIST | 100ml

Frequency: As many times as you like!

Wake up your skin with Active Mist. Apply few drops. Close your eyes and feel how your skin absorbs it and gives you a radiant glow, so much needed for dry skin.

Step 3 - Eye care

Product: EYE CARE | 20 ml

Frequency: Twice a day

Eye Care. Tap the Eye care over your skin (no massaging is needed!). Feel and visualize how with each touch it is waking you up. You will notice how dark circles and bags are reduced, and your eyes are more open and with vitality.

Step 4 - Hydration

Product: NURITION | 50 ml

Frequency: Night Time

Deeply hidrate our skin with Nutrition. The aromas will culminate this experience, making your relaxation deep and pleasant. Thoughtfully massage the product into the skin. “

Step 5 - Extra Self-Love

Product: SERENITY OIL | 20ml

Frequency: Every Night

We will use Serenity Oil to hydrate, relax and flood the skin with a feeling of immediate comfort.

Add a few drops of serenity oil to your Nutrition cream and massage them together into the skin

The botanical oils that are an ideal way to keep the skin nourished all night and rejuvenate and calm it at the same time.

How does stress affect this type of skin?

Stress accelerates cortisol production. It weakens the natural hydrolipidic barrier which is responsible for keeping water in our skin. Due to that more water is lost, leaving the barrier more exposed to water loss.

Stress can cause many skin problems, but acne is one of the most common. By raising its levels, it affects the sebum glands in the skin and causes the pores to clog. Stress can also lead you to touch your face more times than normal, which leads spreaded bacteria and dirt around your face.

Needs for my dry skin:

- Moisturizing- natural, non-aggressive with HA and ceramics (which helps to strengthen the skin's protective barrier and reduce water evaporation)

- Delicate oil based cleansing, and massaging the area (Massage the skin a lot to activate and warm it up and that helps products penetrate better.)

- You need a lot of oils that provide the lipids that are missing Omegas 3, 6, 9.... Always use oils on top of the cream to create a barrier from water loss.

- Daily care at least twice a day - if you have dehydrated skin, you must prevent it from becoming dry.

- Daily use of sunscreen, as the sun tends to affect faster when you have skin with an unbalanced lipid barrier. *We recommend using double cleansing or just a recovery cleanser for dry skin.

*We recommend using double cleansing or just a recovery cleanser for dry skin.