What does it mean to have a Hyperpigmentation?

Skin pigmentation depends directly on the synthesis and distribution of the pigment called melanin. Melanin formation can be modified by activating the enzyme tyrosinase, which inhibits melanin synthesis.

Hypopigmentation occurs when levels of melanin are registered higher than normal in our body. Factors such as hormonal imbalances, photoaging, free radicals and UVA rays take advantage of this imbalance to convert those high levels of melanin into visible darkspots on your skin.

Hyperpigmentation can also occur as a result of skin conditions such as inflammation caused by conditions such as acne.

How does stress affect this type of skin?

One of the main causes of pigmentation is stress.

Which affects the production of melanin, responsible for pigmentation. Causing it to produced it in excess, and darker spots appear.

Hyperpigmented Skin Routine


Product: PURIFY CLEANSER | 100ml

Frequency: Twice a day

Inhale the product with both hands together and feel how the aromas relax each part of your body. Then massage the product onto dry skin, and then add a little water for its emulsion. Anti oxidant benefits will provide that extra luminosity to our skin, in addition to unifying the tone, so that our skin looks radiant. Rinse off and pat dry your face

(We use Purify Cleanser as the second step (acquose phase) of the double cleansing)


Product: Active Mist

Frequency: As many times as you like!

Active Mist, the toner/mist that will give your skin deep comfort and hydration. Close your eyes and inhale its aroma made out of the best essential oils. One of its many benefits is its melanin inhibitory power thanks to one of its main components, Melacare ™, which helps keep these levels under control..


Product: UNIFY | 30ml

Frequency: Twice a day

Unify is the key to this anti pigmentation routine. The spots on the skin are one of the most common problems that we have, especially now after the summer… UNIFY acts as an antioxidant and inhibits the melanin production. It will also help prevent new spots from appearing, and provides nutrition and vitamins C and B to the skin, which looks brighter, healthier and more unified.


Product: DETOXIFY | 50ml

Frequency: 1-2 a week

Use detoxify to exfoliate and get rid of all dead skin, and make your skin healthier, allowing hydration to penetrate even better. Thanks the active carbon which has the ability to renew the skin and provide luminosity and hydration, you will feel your skin with a more unified tone and texture.

Purify your self with this exercise

There are gestures and movements that you can perform with your body to help your internal energy to flow correctly and to let go of blockages and tensions. For example, sitting for a few minutes with your back straight and relaxed, keeping your gaze straight ahead and your shoulders resting down. Bringing awareness to your back to straighten it inside and out allows you to feel confidence and align your energy centers. This pose naturally helps purify your body, mind and emotions because it brings stability and firmness.

Close your eyes gently and start taking deep breaths to connect with your inner self. Now visualize the energy radiating from your hands to your entire body. Feel how its properties begin to calm your mind, aligning your thoughts and letting go of what was causing anxiety or exhaustion.

Bring your full attention to the area between your brows and allow this area to relax and expand. Remember that it´s related to intuition and superior knowledge of what surrounds you and yourself. Concentrate and visualize how the energy purifies your entire head, your neck, your eyebrows and your eyes.

When you feel ready, imagine how all that same energy begins to descend through your spine and through your entire body, coming out to discharge to the ground from your feet. Feel how you are letting go, making room for a new and clean energy and how you are renewing your energy field, refreshing every cell, every organ, every bone.