What does it mean to have a Combination Skin?

It´s a combination of two skin types: normal-dry and oily. And usually, it´s divided by zones (The T-zone, with more oiliness, and the area under the eyes and cheeks that would be the drier zone).

Combination skin has the risk of going from one extreme to the other. That is, if it is not properly cared for.

*How to care for mix skin: When cleansing your skin, double cleansing should be done both day and night. To provide the necessary hydration in the dry areas and not end up dehydrating skin. And also to balance the sebum production in the other areas (there is usually an extra production due to the use of very astringent or drying products.

How does stress affect this type of skin?

Stress increases the production of cortisol in our body. A high level of it causes an alteration and in this case it will make one of the two worse; oilier (and more acne) or drier skin with less luminosity.

Below you can find My Moment Treatment ritual for combination skin:

Step 1 - First step Cleansing

Product: RECOVERY CLEANSER | 100ml

Frequency: Twice a day

We start by deeply cleansing the skin with Recovery Cleanser, the oily phase of our double cleansing. *Use in areas where there is no acne. It will remove all impurities, so that our skin is clean for the next step. Recovery Cleanser is one of our most sensorial products, due to its texture and aroma…

Step 2 - Cleansing

Product: PURIFY CLEANSER | 100ml

Frequency: Twice a day

We will use Purify Cleanser as the second step of the double cleansing, the aqueous phase of this process. Inhale the product with both hands together and feel how the aromas relax each part of your body.

Massage the product onto dry skin, and then we will add a little water for its emulsion, after that remove excess.  *Put more emphasis in the oily areas of the face, so it helps to balance the sebum production.

Paso 3 - Bruma/Tonico

Product: ACTIVE MIST | 100ml

Frequency: 2-3 times a day

Close your eyes and apply few drop, feel how your skin absorbs it and gives you a radiante touch. Smell the aromas, be at the moment.

Paso 4 - Cuidado de los ojos

Product: EYE CARE | 20 ml

Frequency: Twice a day

Eye Care. Pat the eye zone is light strokes. No massaging (so the delicate matrix that provide Tense up will not be dis-activated). Note how the dark circles and bags are reduced, and your eyes are more open and vital.

Paso 5 - Hydration


Frequency: Twice a day

Moisture + Light cream to hydrate the skin. Our fast absorbing moisturizer allows to penetrate into our skin and hydrate us in depth without adding grease.. Perfect for your combination skin due to it´s capacity to adapt to where the hidration is needed