Extra care routine. We will use all the steps of the night routine, and this is the additional step to finish your ritual dedicating about 20 minutes of massages and pampering yourself, which will lead you to deep relaxation. We explain steps 1-5 of the night routine, and add some extras to take your routine to another level

Extra Self-Love

Product: SERENITY OIL | 20ml

Frequency: Every Night

We will use Serenity Oil to hydrate, relax and flood the skin with a feeling of immediate comfort. With its botanical oils that are an ideal way to keep the skin nourished all night and rejuvenate and calm it at the same time.

Kansa Wand

Product: Kansa Wand

We recommend using Kansa Wand for this part of the process, to have a differential relaxation ritual as well as enhancement of the assets of our product.

With this Ayurvedic skin care tool that works by stimulating the innermost tissues of the skin, which increases both blood and lymphatic flow, providing healthy, luminous and balanced skin.

By using the Kansa wand according to Ayurveda methodology – from top to bottom, each side, and circulating in each direction, it helps us to be in the moment,
– Elimination of daily stress (helps reduce wrinkles)
– Skin detoxification (cleansing of the limbic system)
– Improvement in the penetration of the products to the foot.
– More radiant, calmed skin.
– It enhances sleep quality..