What does it mean to have mature skin?

Skin aging is an inevitable biological process caused by the combination of internal and external factors that lead to a progressive loss of skin function and structure. Membrane lipids are oxidized and become unbalanced and other funciones as a natural production of collagen, Elastin and Hyaluronic Acid are reduced (among other). We can divide skin aging into:

- Extrinsic aging, which is caused by factors external to the organism. Climate, solar radiation and especially free radicals, produce photoaging damage. These factors trigger molecular processes that damage the structure of the skin, resulting in an aged appearance that enhances the skin aging process.

- Intrinsic aging, produced by hormonal factors, stress (which accelerates skin aging) and genetics (in which genetic factors come into play). Stress generates facial muscle tension, which causes expression lines and wrinkles to become more pronounced, leading to premature skin aging.

Stress also reduces the ability to get good quality sleep, which reduces the hydrolipid layer of the skin, so water and luminosity are reduced.

As aging is a natural process, we believe we should take the best of it, and show the best skin we have, according to our age. Thus our main focus will be to provide nutrients that allow well- aging, and to help you reduce the intrinsic factors that cerate pre- mature aging.

The key in this routine is to care for the skin and for the soul, so we can lower the intrinsic effects of aging over our skin.

One of the key products here will be our Nutrition cream, described by Telva Spain: "It feels like you slept 10 hours.... You will wake up with a "Effecto Buena cara".

Step 1 - Double Cleansing


Frequency: Once a day

We start by deeply cleansing the skin with Recovery Cleanser, the oily phase of our double cleansing. It will remove all impurities, so that our skin is clean for the next step. Recovery Cleanser is one of our most sensorial products, due to its texture and aroma …

While massaging the cleansing balm into your skin, think or repeat the mantra
“I remove all stress from my mind, body and skin” take a deep breath during this process.

Step 2 - Cleansing

Product: PURIFY CLEANSER | 100ml

Frequency: Twice a day

We will use Purify Cleanser as the second step of the double cleansing, the aqueous phase of this process. Inhale the product with both hands together and feel how the aromas relax each part of your body.

Massage the product onto dry skin, and then we will add a little water for its emulsion, after that remove excess. If your skin tends to be dry, You can use ONLY Recovery cleanser, or to use Purify Cleanser in the morning.  

Step 3 - Eye care

Product: EYE CARE | 20 ml

Frequency: Twice a day

Next we will use Eye care, to relax the eye area. This area usually accumulates the most tension. Use a small amount of product and incorporate it into our skin by tapping. Apply a little pressure to the temple, massage in a clockwise direction stretching the skin in the area.

Step 4- Anti-aging

Product: SERUM ANTI-AGING | 20ml

Frequency: Twice a day

Now it´s the turn of our anti-aging serum to give comfort to the skin, and feel how it recover its elasticity. Use a pea size amount and massage into the skin always with upward movements. When you reach the outer parts of the face, stop for a few seconds to press and stretch the skin in the area.

If you notice dark spots on your skin, you can replace it with  UNIFY.

Step 5 - Hidratación

Product: NUTRITION | 50ml

Frequency: Once a day (Night)

Last step of our routine with Nutrition. Its aromas will culminate this experience, making your relaxation deep and pleasant. Massage the product into the skin while repeating the mantra “I let my mind and body relax. I deserve to be at peace “

Additional wellness tip (Do it twice a week and see how you feel …)

Lastly, we will do a relaxation exercise, which will be the icing on the cake. It is based on slowly tensing a group of muscles and then relaxing it, so that your attention is focused on the difference between muscle tension and relaxation.

For each area of ​​the body, contract the muscles for 5 seconds and then relax them for 30 seconds. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach.

Close your eyes and try to relax all the muscles in your body, from the toes to the top of the head, paying special attention to the muscles of the face, jaw and neck, as these are areas that tend to accumulate A lot of tension.

Inhale (take in air) slowly until you feel your abdomen rise, hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale (release the air) little by little, feeling your abdomen descend.

Pay attention to each breath, concentrating on each inhale and exhale. Each time you exhale, imagine how the tension leaves your body.

Extra Self-Love

Product: SERENITY OIL | 20ml

Frequency: Every Night

We will use Serenity Oil to hydrate, relax and flood the skin with a feeling of immediate comfort. With its botanical oils that are an ideal way to keep the skin nourished all night and rejuvenate and calm it at the same time.

Kansa Wand

Product: Kansa Wand

We recommend using Kansa Wand for this part of the process, to have a differential relaxation ritual as well as enhancement of the assets of our product.

With this Ayurvedic skin care tool that works by stimulating the innermost tissues of the skin, which increases both blood and lymphatic flow, providing healthy, luminous and balanced skin.

By using the Kansa wand according to Ayurveda methodology – from top to bottom, each side, and circulating in each direction, it helps us to be in the moment,
– Elimination of daily stress (helps reduce wrinkles)
– Skin detoxification (cleansing of the limbic system)
– Improvement in the penetration of the products to the foot.
– More radiant, calmed skin.
– It enhances sleep quality..