Our Founder

I have always liked skincare and taking care of myself. The traditional cosmetics skincare was never enough for my high expectations…

When I began to get into the world of natural cosmetics, I got instantly hooked on it, but also felt that it was long ways from offering me what I was specially looking for.

So, I started my journey and in 2005 I created my first cream.

Being in the search for the ideal product, I started to notice how my career as a psychologist, and all my natural studies of aromatherapy and herbalist came together to create something that did not exist. Natural cosmetics that contribute not only to our skin, but to the emotional part of our well-being as well…

When I traveled to India, I practiced mindfulness and learned about the importance of creating our space in the present. And I added to my products my beauty routine, now known as My Moment ™.

On the other hand, I knew I wanted to support the environment that has given us so much, so we are 100% vegan and cruelty free (certified by PETA and winners of best vegan cosmetics in 2021!). And we also help in different social initiatives.

Dafna’s Personal Skincare was born in 2016… As a very demanding cosmetics that are all about proven results, textures, innovation, and that really helps us to connect with ourselves and with our environment.

Beyond natural ingredients


• Certified natural with up to 95% organic ingredients.

• Ingredients are certified, no GMO, no cruelty and fair trade.

• Pioneer biotechnology & science.


Much more than skincare. our secret is in our SOUL concept that combines ayurveda, essential oils, textures and aromas... transforming experience that allows you to reconnect with your self.