Many of us have suffered at some point, or have a tendency have breakouts due to high sebum production.

This gives us an oily-looking skin which it´s necessary to treat and all the emotions and stress that comes with it all..

Psychological and emotional stress weakens the skin’s barrier, makes it more sensitive to damage, and delays healing. In addition to that,  it´s one of the causes of premature aging and also enhances the appearance of atopic dermatitis and acne. These skin conditions increase your risk of stress, depression, and anxiety.

TAP is a technique that reduces anxiety and stress and brings you back to the present moment. This process reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Our recommendation is to use the TAP technique to take care of our acne prone skin. 

Tapping key points: 

  • Press a little without irritating.
  • Feel all the fingers.
  • DO NOT drag.
  • Feel that the product penetrates your skin without leaving a greasy feeling
  • Leave a few seconds in each area.

Step 1 - Cleansing

Product: PURIFY CLEANSER | 100ml

Frequency: Twice a day

Our gentle cleanser, Purify Cleanser, removes impurities and excess oil thoroughly, leaving an immediate feeling of comfort and without drying out your skin. Put your focus on what you are doing and enjoy the moment.

Step 2 - Extra confort

Product: ACTIVE MIST | 100ml

Frequency: Twice a day

Active Mist, to energize the skin and refresh in the best way. When you spray it on your skin, inhale and feel how all the aromas flood you and activate you with its freshness.
We will incorporate it into the skin tapping it, without dragging, to avoid irritating the skin and reduce irritation, and sensitivity in acne areas.

Step 3 - The Key...

Product: CLEAR 30ML

Frequency: Use once a day to keep pimples in line, and twice a day if you are in the middle of an active breakout.

The key step of this routine, our Clear serum. Specifically designed to help eliminate the appearance of acne and irritations. In this routine we will apply two clicks of the product, but in a different way. As we have discussed before, acne is one of the biggest causes of emotional somatization in the skin. We are going to relax and let the product act in the best way on our emotions and on our skin. For this, we will use the TAP practice twice a day.

Step 4 - Hydration


Frequency: 1-2 twice a day, depending on your needs

After our serum, at night we will use the Moisture + Light cream to hydrate the skin during, when there are fewer external agents so it allows to penetrate into our skin and hydrate us in depth without adding grease..

Weekend extras

Product: REVIVAL | 50ml

Frequency: 1 - 2 twice a week

The masks are intended to improve the health of the skin, and provide an extra to our facial routine. Revival, thanks to its active carbon capsules, removes all impurities without drying out the skin. Providing hydration and regulating the sebum of the skin. It eliminates the effects of pollution, and evens out the color of the skin (helping to eliminate “spots” caused by acne).

On the other hand, the science of nutrition and also common sense tell us that a healthy and balanced diet is the key to enjoying a healthy body and healthy skin. Eat an antioxidant diet to help your liver “reset.” Personally, the diet that I like the most is  eating only apples 3 days in a row. As these days go by, reduce to an apple a day, and make it a permanent habit.

Meditation also helps calm you down and does a lot of good for your skin. In just a few minutes a day, you can breathe fresh air into your cells, helping to eliminate toxins, reduce acne, and even reduce the appearance of fine lines and bags under the eyes.