3 tips to get the most out of your skincare routine

A few days ago I wrote a very special post talking to you about the importance of change from an emotional point of view, but for a change to be profound and we can internalize it well, it must also be accompanied by a more practical part. Do you want to transform your skincare routine?

If you have decided that it is your time to take care of yourself more and better and that you want to take a turn towards natural cosmetics, I leave you some tips that can be very useful.


Sounds simple, right? Not all of us know how to use the products of a skincare routine, what gestures are the best to apply them, how much is adequate, if we should use it during the day or at night, what is the best for our skin type, if the reaction that we have had towards a certain formula is normal …

The best way to learn is by asking. You can consult our website, in it I try to be very detailed in each product file. We have also created a section with the most frequently asked questions.

Do not be afraid or ashamed and ask me everything that is necessary. I have experience, knowledge and I am happy to help you! There is no one who knows my products better than me. I like to repeat it so that you keep it in mind but you can find me at the email info@dafnaskincare.com, also on my social networks (Facebook & Instagram) and here in the comments.

2. Select what you need

How can I do this? You may be wondering. The first and most important thing is that you define exactly what product you need for each need you want to cover. And, as I mentioned in the previous post, to know what you and your skin like you need to try until you find the key. Of course you can change products but being clear about what you need will help you not to spend on products that you really do not need or that do not provide you …

If you want my advice, you can ask me without problem. I always recommend having two clear routines, one during the day and the other at night, and that both are realistic with the time you have to do them quietly. Not only is it a time to take care of your skin but it is perfect to relax and connect with yourself.

3.Be constant

If you buy natural cosmetics with multiple benefits but then don’t use the products, it won’t do much good. We agree that the first thing is to set the routine and get the necessary products but it is VERY IMPORTANT to be constant and pamper your skin every day. In the end, the same thing happens in many aspects, when we decide to diet, when we start doing sports … For whatever you want to achieve in life, constancy will be your great ally.


What products should I start with?

I would love for you to leave me in comments if you want me to develop a skincare routine for the autumn taking into account different needs of the skin.

In any case, I anticipate that it is very important to invest in a good cleaning product such as Recovery Cleanser, an exfoliant that helps us eliminate impurities and return the glow to our skin such as Detoxify, a serum that nourishes our skin and a cream tailored to your needs.

Happy new beginning, happy change!