The importance of change: Listen to your body and soul

During the month of August we have had time to rest, enjoy the summer and even rethink certain routines or habits. We make new decisions about our lifestyle. For example, how to live healthier, more balanced and in harmony.

I would like to share with you some thoughts to face the new stage, as you will see my focus is at this moment on the emotional side but I want to give you clear examples related to my love: skincare.

1.Surround yourself with people and things that inspire you. For example, if you decide that it is time to change your care routine and choose natural skicanre  or you think that the time has come to start taking care of your skin, I recommend surrounding yourself with articles that provide you with information of interest, advice on how to do it and products and people that inspire you to do so. You have me on the other side to help you. Natural cosmetic is my passion! At my blog, newsletter and social media  (Facebook Instagram) you will be able to discover new routines, great products for your skin, natural ingredients with incredible properties …

2-Stop and think. Day to day goes by very fast. Focus on what you want to change and keep in mind what your goal is. This point is very important to put it in writing or capture it on a moodboard with photographs, phrases that inspire you … You will have it much more present and the change will be easier,

3-A phrase that guides me and I love is:

“So far I have learned from teachers, now I am going to listen to my body and learn from it”

I don’t remember where I heard it but since then it has always accompanied me on my way. Isn’t that very empowering?

4-Test, test and test. Find out what you like or what works for you and what doesn’t. If you want to change and make the leap towards natural cosmetic, try and research what products you like. Create a routine that you fall in love with and that you are looking forward to doing every day. In my post you can find some ideas, for example, this one in which I talk about the importance of facial cleansing or this one in which I tell you how to get radiant skin.

5-Find what makes you feel empowered. What you feel causes a mental change in you and not just a physical one. If you use natural cosmetic, apply it with love towards yourself and towards your skin. This love is a way of connecting with yourself through your skin, in this way you will also notice inner changes. This process will help you continue to achieve your goals!

6- Be very attentive to your emotions. If something brings you emotionally – you are on the right track. Remember this feeling and get hooked on it.

As you can see, my way of seeing things is not at a functional level (schedules, agenda, etc.) but at an emotional level. From my point of view and my way of seeing life, only then will you get changes to become new habits.

Soon I will talk to you about the most functional part of the transformation because it is also important to take it into account (although it is not our main engine): place, hours, tools necessary for it …

Good luck with your changes and may you find your harmony! I read you in comments ?