Double cleansing, discover its benefits!

A good cleansing in the morning and at night is the foundation of a good facial care routine. It is important to prepare our skin very well to receive the treatment products and thus increase their properties and effectiveness on our skin. Do you know double cleansing?

What is double cleansing and why is it very positive to do it?

It is a very widespread cleansing ritual among Korean women by which two products are used instead of one to perform a deeper cleaning of the skin.

It is very important to choose the products that we are going to use well so as not to damage our skin and that our face looks clean and radiant. I remind you that it is not appropriate to use soap or any other product formulated with aggressive ingredients.

Do you want to know the products that I use?

In double cleaning, the first of the products that we are going to use has to have an oily base that provides us with fatty acids (oils) that clean while deeply nourishing. ⁣⁣ This first step will serve to easily remove makeup, impurities caused by external agents such as pollution, excess sebum, traces of sunscreen …

Why use an oil-based cleaner first? These types of cleaners penetrate better, thus effectively removing impurities from our pores.

Recovery Cleanser is formulated with pure and organic moringa, olive and bamboo oils that will help you fight against the free radicals that affect the skin so much. In addition, the calendula and sage present in this balm make it very hydrating, and also very relaxing! A unique experience for all the senses thanks to its aroma, its texture … With it you can make a real SPA at home.

Leaves skin nourished, elastic and renewed. And yes, it is capable of removing all kinds of makeup …

In a second step we will apply a water-based cleaner. The cleaning efficiency will be higher.

Purify Cleanser is a gel-lotion cleanser that deeply cleanses the skin but is gentle and gentle on it. Its formulation includes some antioxidant oils and extracts (such as Pomegranate extract, Geranium essential oil and MelaCareTM oil) that allow the skin to fight against the effect of free radicals and improve expression lines, help to equalize the tone and to reduce blemishes and also reduces hormonal acne.

When applying it, you will notice how it generates a soft emulsion and has a very pleasant aroma. A luxury for the skin!

If after double cleansing you use a toner like Active Mist, you will help to close the pores and restore its natural PH to your skin. Hydration and freshness instantly! The skin will be ready to receive the rest of the treatment products.


Benefits of double cleansing, and results on the skin!

Double cleansing is a ritual that has multiple benefits and, if you are constant, you will be able to observe very soon how your skin begins to transform:

✔ It helps us to deeply cleanse our skin

✔Remove dead cells

✔Makes the treatment products that we will apply later penetrate better

✔ Helps us reduce acne and blemishes

✔Improves the health, luminosity and texture of the skin

✔ It is a very pleasant and relaxing ritual that, with the right products, will also fill us with well-being.

And you, do you join the double cleansing?