From dull to healthy looking skin

Now a days, there are lots of skin issues and factors that lead to dull skin. Those varying from dehydrated skin, low blood flow to the skin or even poor lifestyle habits. Everyone is stuck in the routines with little time and energy. Lack of sleep and sun exposure can also be a key factor for dull skin to appear in our lives. In this case age is not a factor, because dull can appear anytime. It just depends on how you take care of your skin...


But, what does dull skin look like?

Skin appears darker

Skin appears less radiant

Dehydrated skin

Dry skin

Dark circles under the eyes

Here are 3 easy tricks to improve the appearance of your skin, and make it look luminous and radiant:

  1. Cleansing: With products that provide oily acids, that will clean while deeply nourishing your skin. We recommend using Recovery Cleanser because this product is super rich in oils (such as Moringa oil) that helps revitalize the skin. For us cleaning goes far beyond just cleaning the skin, treating our skin with respect, giving you the best products and care from the early stages of our routine.


  1. Hydration: In the Inside (drinking more water) and on the outside, with a moisturizer that “works” at the deepest levels of the skin. Important to mention , even though many think that by drinking water your skin is more hydrated , the connection is lot direct. Drinking more water will help your general metabolism work better and that helps your skin look better.


  1. Facial massage: Face gym! This allows the activation of blood flow, and the nutrients from the products are absorbed in a more effective way.

Products that can help getting back that healthy glow:

Recovery Cleanser

Luxurious, silky balm-to-milk cleanser that melts at contact. Efficiently removes daily grime. The formula is rich in nutritive, calming, antioxidants ingredients. Locks in essential moisture and Reduces of free radicals effect on the skin

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Detoxify Mask

Perfect for getting back your glowy skin. With the bambo and avocado powder, will give you a light yet effective exfoliation that will help get rid of dead cells, renewing your skin.

This mask helps to reduce effects of pollution and free radicals (spots, lines, uneven skin look, grey look) on the skin.
You will see your skin smoother, visibly brighter, cleaner and with a glowing complex.

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Serenity Oil

Serenity oil is a highly soothing organic facial oil designed to help restore skin elasticity, calm irritations, soothe skin dryness and provide you with glowy and healthy looking skin.
You will feel your skin naturally hydrated, energized, glowing and comfortable

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