How to get radiant skin?

These days at home, the question I get most frequently is how to get that glowy skin….
Why? When we have glowing, what is exactly glowy skin? We know when our skin is NOT glowy: that it looks a bit gray, without life, dehydrated, looks tiered… we do not want that, right? And on the contrary – a glowing skin is when our skin is dewy and we look healthier, younger and even happier (chins color get rosy color, skin look vital…)

What are the main reasons for having gray – tiered skin?

Stress, not enough sleeping, dry skin (even if you have combination or even oily skin, your skin can still be dry or look dry and stretched), and not enough sun.

These elements characterize very well our situation right now at home. BUT, its not just for now, its in normal life as well: stress and lack of sleeping can come from many reasons…

Here are 5 easy steps to follow that will help you gain a glowy, dew skin:


When I say to keep skin clean, it has a lot around it… its not cleansing with soap, or any other harsh ingredients products. We need to take care of our skin with products that provide fatty acids (oils) and that are nutritive.  It is also important to make sure our pores look clean and minimized, so the entire look of the skin is clean and rich.

What are fatty acids? They are the building blocks of the skin and are responsible for its normal functioning; they produce the skin’s natural oil barrier, critical in keeping skin hydrated, plumper, and younger looking.

I can recommend you use our Recovery Cleanser (which just won as Best Cleanser for 2020 in the Beauty Short List). It is a rich balm that melts upon contact, and that by massaging it to the skin, we allow all the nutrients and fatty acid penetrate and activate collagen production.

For the morning, and if you like lighter cleansers, you can also use our Purify Cleanser. That purifies but is also very soft on the skin- it includes some oils and antioxidants that allow the skin to combat free radicals effect (fine lines, not even skin tone, etc).

2.Keep your skin hydrated!

First rule- drink more water. But it’s not enough, you also need to provide your skin of hydration from the outside and the fatty acids I mentioned before-

How to apply moisturizers? Day and night by massaging them over a clean skin. and…  a small trick is also adding Mist to your routine.

I will start with Mist; mist are plants waters that are formulated with hydrating ingredients. The special thing about our Mist is that we include also essential oils there (dry oils) which allow the water to penetrate better to the skin (the oils clog to the skin).

Moisturizers: there are a lot of types, the important thing is to use rich ones that provide nutrients, help you combat skin oxidation, are anti-aging and do not leave residues of oiliness over your skin. In order for it to be effective it needs to penetrate well and to “work” on the deeper levels of the skin.

From our collection you can use Moisture + if you have dry skin, or the lighter version if you have combination skin.

3. Massage the skin

I mentioned it before, but I want to emphasize it- either when you cleanse or when you apply moisturizer- you should massage your skin… make a facial gym.

It allows the skin absorbed nutrients, it increases blood flow (which brings some more rosy look to the face), and reduces wrinkles (which are developed since the face tends to contract muscles in the same direction, when we massage the face we allow it to lose a bit).

4.Take some sun…

Yes, of course with sun protection. But the light of the sun and the vitamin D are great for healthy look. The calcitriol (he active part) helps in skin repair, and metabolism.

5.Take daily dose of Omega 3 and 6

Allow your skin to get its essential fatty acids from within. You can either take it by food (fish like salmon, nuts and oils like avocado, chia seeds etc) or by supplement if you have any deficit.