The importance of facial cleansing

Those of you who already know my products, know the importance that cleaning has for me. It is the first step of any beauty care routine and the basis to obtain all the benefits and properties of the products applied late.

When I talk about cleansing, I include in this concept much more than just “having a clean skin”. It is about what and how we cleanser; it’s about avoiding harsh ingredients like soaps, that can hurt the skin barrier and to opt for those that provide fatty acids (oils) to our skin and that nourish the skin.

So, why is it important to cleanse my face?

  1. It is important to remove all makeup and impurities accumulated during the day and through the night. Make-up that stays over the night may cause clogged pores, which is one of the causes of acne and inflammation. Even if you don’t wear makeup- cleansing the skin twice a day will make your skin feel and look healthier, brighter and will mitigate imperfections.
  2. Helps reduce acne: by cleansing the skin we eliminate the bacteria that causes acne to spread over other areas in the face.
  3. As I mentioned before- Letting the skin gets the most out of other products you use after that.


You can help yourself with 100% pure cotton muslins to remove the product.


100% pure cotton cleansing cloth to enhance your cleansing routine and leave your skin feeling polished & clear.

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What do I need to make sure when I select a cleanser?

My first tip is to take your time in selecting the right product. You shouldn’t use those that damage the outer layer of the skin.

A good product will make sure that you do not change the oil balance when cleaning, which can make your skin generate more sebum or, on the contrary, dehydration.

It is important that the cleanser has a pH of 5 (approximately) to suit the pH of the skin. And personally I love cleansers that include much more than cleaning: nutrients to the skin.

Good ingredients for your skin

Good cleansers provide ingredients that are healthy for the skin, and that are much more than cleanser. It should be providing treatments in themselves. for example, calendula extract; Calendula helps keep skin soft and to soothe irritations. In addition, it provides anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits.

For all the benefits that calendula has, I included it in both mu cleansers – cleaning products: Recovery Cleanser and Purify Cleanser

Since we have talked about the importance of good cleaning, I would like to introduce you to both my cleansers…


Luxurious, silky balm-to-milk cleanser that melts at contact.

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Recovery Cleanser  is totally home SPA…  It is Luxurious, silky balm-to-milk cleanser that melts at contact. Efficiently removes sunscreen lotion, make-up and daily grime. The formula is rich in nutritive, calming, antioxidants, natural and organic ingredients.

It eliminates all make up, sun protection etc… I recommend using it at night, for a deep treatment.  You can find much more information about it in its feature at the shop.


Soft lotion-gel cleanser. Leaves skin looking clear, glowing and provides feeling of freshness.

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For the morning cleaning, the ideal cleanser, for me is Purify: it has fresh aroma and helps fight acne and photo sensitivity (it prohibits the melanin production).It goes great with Active Mist. Again here, you can find more information at the shop.

You can always send me questions that you have on the products. The important thing is that you take good care of you skin.