Summer Facial Routine: From Detox to Glow

Five years ago I decided to embark on the journey of my life and started this project, which is a gift for me in every way I can think of.

I have been immersed in natural skin care for more than 20 years and studding to create the best products I can. Thanks to this experience, Dafna’s Personal Skincare was born.

I started with my aromatherapy and herbalism studies and little by little I created formulas for myself, mixing oils, adding extracts, and making sure they had the best ingredients so that the results would show immediately and will had an impact for longer term.

Also, being a psychologist, it meant to me that I wanted my creations go a step further- I wanted to help myself and then my clients connect with themselves via skincare. And to accomplish it, I create products with special textures, application rituals, aromas … all to offer a much more complete experience. The 5 minutes we take care ourselves, are much more at than just taking care of our skin.  It is taking care of our being.

Thanks to my experience and my knowledge, I would like to recommend you what I think can be a great summer experience and treatment!

In the summer, our skin needs specific care, the heat, the sun, the extra pollution, and even the sea water or swimming pools affect the state of our skin. Above all, we notice the dreaded spots, irritation extra production of sebum.

Exclusive Kit from Detox to Glow:

For our fifth anniversary I have created a beautiful facial routine kit for this time of year with 4 essential products during the summer months:

The first and most important thing is to carry out a deep cleaning of the skin and this is achieved thanks to:

 Purify Cleanser: a cleanser in gel-lotion format that removes impurities, while giving it that freshness that is so necessary on hot summer days. It is perfect to use both in your morning and night routine and suitable for all skin types.

 Detoxify: the latest member of the Dafna´s Personal Skincare family. An exfoliating balm that also works as a mask. You will see your skin cleaner, smoother and silky; the skin tone is brighter and more uniform and will keep your pores clean and minimized.

To remove it I like to use muslin 100% natural organic cotton. I recommend exfoliating your skin 1-2 times a week.

From cleansing we move on to hydrate and calm our skin with two of my favorites:

 Active Mist: it is a “must” during these days. Perfect to refresh the skin when you feel tired or if you need an extra hydration. If you have skin irritations, you will feel how it calms them and reduces them instantly.  You will notice your skin luminous and with a more unified tone. I recommend you to keep it in the fridge– to give you a greater feeling of freshness;)

 Serenity Oil: Another one of my latest additions is this soothing organic facial oil, formulated to regain elasticity, to soothe irritations, reduce sun damage and relieve dry skin. Its regenerating power is impressive! I recommend applying it with a slightly damp skin to feel its benefits. Ideally, after cleaning and after applying Active Mist.

Each product was selected carefully, to give you best experience and results.

All products are 100% vegan.

What is the size of the kit products?

A perfect size to take on the road for a long weekend and start trying these facial routine:

  • Purify Cleanser 10 ML
  • Detoxify 10 ML
  • Active Mist 10 ML
  • Serenity Oil 4 ML
  • Dafna´s amenities bag made of 100% cotton
  • Small natural rosewood spatula for the use of Detoxify.

How can I get the kit?

We will give away the kit as a gift for every purchase made on our website that exceeds 60 euros. The promotion is valid from now until June 7, 2020.

So, do you sign up for the facial routine from Detox to Glow…