How you can make your skin look even greater in the summer?

And the summer is here. It is humid, hot... and as we start to put more focus on body routine... sometimes we forget the facial summer routine... So today I wanted to talk about why even though we sweat and we feel we need less of our facial routine - we should keep it!

So first why to have a special beauty routine in the summer?

 We sweat more (and especially now with the mask!) which means… more dirt on the face, which blocks the pores and can get us to have more acne.
 Our skin gets dry from the air conditioner, swimming pools, chlorine or sea salt, …. As you know most of our body is made of water and that includes our skin. So even a slight change in the skin hydration levels causes damages to the skin barrier and skin inflammation (we can see more fine lines appear in the summer). If we add sweat on top of it, sun protection, make up etc- we basically add dirt on top of the dry skin and that is a potential to dry and damage skin (with more acne)

One of the things that can “trick” us to believe it is not like that is the tan and sun glow- which is beautiful, but the dryness and the dirt are there…

So actually we need the extra care in summer which is based on 2 main elements: cleansing and hydration while keeping the beautiful glow…

Cleansing: we need to “melt” the dirt (make up, sun protection, swet…) . 

For the morning time, We recommend using our Purify Cleanser:

Purify Cleanser

Suitable for all skin types, is a light cleanser with fresh aroma (combination of orange and floral- based on our natural essential oils, non synthetic perfume) . It includes a beautiful combination of ingredients ideal for the summer: Form melacare (made of the 3 dry oils) and pomegranate extract that helps to block the synthesis of melanin and reduce appearance of spots. Rosehip oil to reduce fine lines and treat the skin, and calendula to calm the skin.

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Once a week use our Detoxify the  new mask and exfoliation- 2 in 1!

Even in Cosmopolitan they just published that they found it to be the Best treatment to help your skin through the summer.


Use Detoxify 2-3 times a week- it will help for a desoer cleansing, get ruide of the extra pollution (with active carbon) , liberate your pores (light exfoliation with avocado and bamboo) and all are infused into oil and vegetable glycerin.. - so the experience is light, rich and hydrating to your skin.

The combination of purify and detoxify will help you have beautiful , natural glowing, and with a more even skin tone!

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Our Active Mist is also a great friend for the summer- it refreshes the skin, the elements of figs juice give special freshness to the skin. With Melcare (3 oils that are antioxidants) you also help your skin to overcome pollution and oxidative damages.

And- after we prepared the skin- we need to hydrate it.

The ideal product is Moisture Light, that few summers away, that was described by the beauty author of the beauty shortlist as “summer hydration solution” and won best hydration.

Moisture Light

It includes 19 activeingredientid, to hydrate the skin we use hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, rose oil, bamboo, and fig juice (as you can see- it is one of my favorite ingredients for the summer!) . One of the "tricks" of this hydration is that most ingredients are low molecules- which means they absorb fast and leave you without a feeling of oilines!

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And in the evening?? The best treatment is our Serenity Oil! It helps calm the skin after the entire day (6 ingredients only to calm your skin! Calendula, blue tansy, chamomile, …) so it will help to hydrate the skin and calm it from daily sunburn or any other irritations.

So your skin can glow back again the next morning! You can just have a quick look at how my son’s hands look after treating it with Serenity oil…

AIf you have a mixed skin type and you wish to have a light treatment but still very powerful- use our Serum! it absorbs so fast and it has other benefits as well: it creates a light lifting effect. It hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid and it fights fine lines. 

Find those 5 minutes to dedicate to your skin every morning and night in your summer routine and, tell me how you feel. Happy Holidays!