Social responsibility: WE ARE more PLASTIC-LESS

Today’s post is very special for me, I want to show you a part of Dafna´s Personal Skincare that you may know a little less but that is part of the soul of my little project. Those details that are so important to us as a brand because they help us take care of our environment.

Dafna’s is a brand committed to the environment from its origins and we are focused on continuing to improve to offer you not only a quality product, but also a highly responsible one and plastic less.

Every day we take more steps to take care of our planet and reduce the effects on the environment because every little gesture counts. That is why I want to talk to you about things that I do not normally tell you but that I consider very important for you to take into account.

Do you want to know what actions we carry out to reduce plastics?


Made with love

We not only take maximum care of the ingredients, their quality and effectiveness of each of our products, but also the way they are presented and the tools necessary for their application. Now all spatulas are rosewood and handcrafted from India through fair trade. In its preparation, respect and love prevail.

You may wonder, why did we choose rosewood? This type of wood is native to India, a very important country for me, and is part of our Ayurvedic philosophy.

1-Rosewood promotes calm and balance. Exactly what we want for our skin.

2-We use its essential oil in our NUTRITION cream. Why? It helps reduce stress, relieve pain, and helps us rest better at night.

3-We contribute to continue the traditions and promote trade with small artisans from India.

We take care of our oceans

At Dafna’s Personal Skincare we help keep the oceans clean, protect marine wildlife, provide free educational resources, and support the development of innovative technologies to reduce plastic use by donating part of our annual profits to the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup project. .

Do you know that millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans every year? Unfortunately, part of this is due to the beauty industry. We minimize the use of plastic in our products by using glass jars that are recyclable and help to better preserve the products. We are more plastic less!

Recycle, it's important for the planet

We also want you to know that our boxes are made with recycled paper and that when we use plastic, we make sure that it is recycled too (we only do it if it is essential).

You can also help the environment by consuming responsibly and using brand products that take care of these little details. The change starts with yourself.