How to take care of your Dafna´s products in the summer

Taking good care of your skin care products requires more than storing them in the bathroom...

I´m sure  you have tried many different products in your search of what works best for your skin, and finally you found it. A combination of products that makes your skin glow and look healthy.

And as I imagine you are also aware,  that natural products are more delicate and it´s crucial for their long term effectiveness to have them under the best possible conditions. And now, at this time of the year with so much heat and sun exposure, you’ll want to make sure your products last as long as possible, and do their job as if they are just fresh out of the box.

The life of our natural cosmetics products is usually 24-36 months long and 6 months since the moment you open it (which has the concept of PAO).

It is also important to move them often, so that the components don´t separate from each other, and  so that the formula doesn´t  lose its effectiveness or changes its texture.

Here I have some tips for you, so you can take care of your Dafna´s products and they last until the end as if it were the first day.

Depending on its composition since every ingredient acts in a different way to temperatures, we give you recommendations  by type of product, and what is best for each of them:


  • Products with oily bases such as: #RecoveryCleanser, #Detoxify and Serenity Oil should be kept in the cool and out of any sun exposure. Melting oils can lose their properties. 


  • Water-based products such as #ActiveMist, can lose vitality with heat. Also, if you the mist is cool, the effect of applying it to the skin will be much more comforting. We recommend storing it in the fridge for that extra fresh sensation. 


  • Our creams, serums and mask (revival) will not change their effectiveness but we also recommend not to expose them to the direct sun. Our packaging protects the product to the fullest, but we recommend that the temperature where they stored don´t exceed 30ºC.

Recovery Cleanser

Your friend for deep cleansing and removing makeup residues and sun protection.

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A deep cleansing once a week is essential to maintain healthy looking skin. Exfoliation and active carbon will help you fight against summer spots.

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Serenity Oil

If you have sensitive or sunburned skin, Serenity will help you calm and soften it.

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Active Mist

FRESH! Best friend for the summer.

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