Keep on celebrating your love (everyday!)

2020 has been a tough year for everyone and we have started 2021 with hope but with difficult moments in this first month. We say goodbye to January and we welcome February with open arms, the month of love thanks to Valentine's Day. It is very important to remember that: LOVE SOLVES EVERYTHING ❤

What is love?

Love is an intense feeling that causes us a very special tingle and makes us smile. But we must not only stay and feel it, but it is very important to make the loved one participate, show them every day that we care and the meaning it has in our life.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it is not only about giving something special, but about making small daily gestures that facilitate and brighten the day of those you love the most. Because love can be very wide! To your partner, children, parents, friends …

I have always thought that Valentine’s Day is not a date to celebrate since love must be celebrated every day … And in style! I still think the same, but it is not bad that there is a day in which we can show it and give it the place it deserves.



A Valentine for two

I want to give you some gift ideas for Valentine’s Day so that you can enjoy your partner to the fullest and make him feel special.

 A dinner at home: delicious food, a relaxed atmosphere and a few hours to be alone, your partner and you. Can there be a better plan?

 Don’t forget the environment: our surroundings affect our feelings. Surround yourself with colors that make you happy, light, music, aromas, flowers … Turn your house into a pleasant place that comforts you and makes you feel like you are in a little paradise.

 The power of touch: it can be a massage, a facial cream, a caress … Is there anything more beautiful than giving us goose bumps? A beautiful way to convey our feelings!

 A mindfulness meditation as a couple: it will help you connect and concentrate in a different way during the day.

And if you are interested in giving an extra “touch”, here are some gift ideas that provide that intimate and loving feeling that we only have when we touch our partner. All the senses on the surface!

For him:

Moisture + Light Version

Why? Because it has a sensual aroma, because it is different from the gifts we usually give to boys, because, in addition to touching, we teach them that we think about them and take care of them. You can accompany it with a facial massage so that the experience is complete;)

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Eye Care

Why? Because the eyes are the mirror of the soul ... and nothing like a beautiful and luminous look to fall in love with it.

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For her:

There are multiple gift options that you can find in Dafna’s Personal Skincare but, if you want my advice, I would opt for a soothing facial oil like Serenity Oil, in this post you can learn more about its benefits. Or Moisture +, much more than a moisturizer. It is also anti-aging, fights free radicals and provides a feeling of silky and fresh skin!

Keep on celebrating your love (everyday!)