"Self-care is not a luxury, but a priority"

Taking care of your skin is a way of projecting our selflove, and the value that we give ourselves. Now a days with this whole issue of Covid19, it´s crucial to remind yourself that is you don’t take care of yourself; no one will come and do it for you. Not only physically but mentally as well.

¿How we implement this concept?

Through a sensory experience using our senses of smell and touch, we get into the daily process of taking care of our skin but elevated to a whole other level. Providing us with calmness and a different mentality to start the new day.

Incorporating into your daily facial routine that part of disconnection and extra inner peace that we need so much to either face the day we have ahead of us or finish it, leaving behind everything that has been going on.

Because feeling good about yourself doesn’t only happen by giving its place in our daily routine to our skincare, but also about introducing activities into our lives that make us disconnect and have an impact in our wellbeing.


Dafna is sharing with us the key points that will allows us to feel 100% with our inner self:

  1. Self-acceptance: We must be able to identify and accept ourselves with everything we are, with the parts of us and the ones that we are constantly in need of changing. We must be proud of who we are.


  1. Me time: Taking time regularly to be alone with our thoughts and feelings is crucial. This is when we must be present. Our ritual “My Moment” brings to life that exact feeling and talks about how important it is to find those 5 minutes that will change the game for our mental health in the long run.


  1. Believe on the good side of things: Many things happen to us through life, and we believe that everything happens for a reason. But just look to the positive side of things and always keep moving forward.


  1. Reward yourself for those happy moments: Rewarding our personal achievements is something that usually takes us a lot to do, because it’s something we don’t put the focus on hat often. We have the tendency of devaluating ourselves constantly. And to think that we shouldn´t reward ourselves for small things, when in reality, that´s what makes a difference.


This products will get your skincare ritual to another level:

Recovery Cleanser

Deep sensorial cleansing balm as a first step to your skincare routine.

Our client Marianne says (verified buyer):
"Amazing cleanser!
Texture is amazing, smells really nice, turns into a milky emulsion, rinses very well and leaves the skin clean and soft. A must-try!"

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Revival Mask

Revitalizing mask that will give your skin an energy boost when you need it the most

Our client Melissa says (verified buyer):
"One of the best masks I have ever tried. The feeling of comfort is immediate. Leaves the skin clean and radiant. Highly recommended!"

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Serenity Oil

Hydration and brightness with calming oils that will make a before and after in your routine

Our client Yolanda says (verified buyer):
"A wonderful night ritual that transforms your skin and its smell absolutely wonderful! Brightens and hidrates with just a few drops!
1000% recommended"

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Moisture Plus

A boost of hydration to your skin to end your ritual. Leaving your skin with a feeling of comfort to start the new day

Our client Caroline says (verified buyer):
"This hydrating cream its amazing! Leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Can’t wait to do my ritual everyday so I can use it. It´s definitely a must for me!"

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