Tips to calm your sensitive skin

This is something you may not know: all skins sometimes feel sensitive and reactive. External factors in the environment, such as pollution, weather, diet, and irritants in certain beauty products, can all cause sensitivity, making the skin feel tight, itchy, or irritated. Skin is even more sensitive in Springtime. But, while you can’t change the weather, you can make some simple changes to your skin care routine to help your skin react better:

What does it mean that your skin is sensitive? Which reactions you may see/feel?

  • If your skin reacts when applying any type of products, even the most respectful and delicate ones.
  • If it’s constantly affected by changes in the environment, such as cold, heat, pollen…
  • If it dries out or gets oily very quickly, with any little change in the environment.
  • Uncomfortable sensation on the skin like tension, itching…

If the answer to most questions is YES, Here are some tips that will help you out with this:

  1. Don’t use any harsh components in your skincare, the most reaction- generate ingredients are the preservatives, we are happy to share that we use a system of “non-preservative”- where we only use plant acids in our products. This system is negative to 23 identified typical allergens that consist in most natural preservatives! you can imagine how this may help your skin reduce the irritation levels…
  2. Avoid extreme water temperatures (too hot or too cold). Also, in general tap water is not the best for your sensitive skin. Try using toners and mists to equilibrate your skin after cleansing. When you use Mists make sure they do not contain Alcohol, like our Active Mist. Another tip is to apply oil after your Mist. Serenity oil is the best at calming your skin
  3. Deeply hydrate your skin, to reinforce the skin barrier. That’s the key to a healthy looking and glowing skin. Hydrate skin few times a day. You may use our Moisture plus (normal to dry skin) or Moisture light (mix to normal skin).
  4. Use products that contain calming ingredients like calendula, Blue Tansy. They will help calm skin irritation and redness. In You feel your skin irritating our Serenity oil will be a great help.
  5. Always use sun protection. In recent years it seems like more and more people get reactions from sun exposure.
  6. Protect your skin from pollution. (like the masks that we are using now, those affect your skin on the daily).
  7. Avoid stress and anxiety. Your skin reflects your mood. Make sure you make this a priority in your life. Practice My Moment ritual to detoxify from all the stress.