What causes skin imbalance and acne breakouts?

We have just launched the new CLEAR serum, which main purpose is to increase the balance of sebum production, improve the appearance of the skin and reduce and prevent the appearance of acne. But before all that, it’s important to understand why we may be suffering from these skin imbalances. The first thing is to understand that although it is common to think that it might be related to age, it´s not only that.. , we can suffer from acne at all ages and in different parts of the body (facial, back etc) and is very common in mixed and oily skin types. Another critical element to understand that cosmetics can not solve everything! There are internal and external elements that generate this tendency. Here we explain a little more about all of this and what can be done....

Intrinsic factors:

  • Genetics.
  • Hormones.
  • Liver capacity to detoxify itself.
  • High presence of oily components in your cosmetics
  • Excessive sweat
  • Continuous friction and pression in our skin

But we also have extrinsic factors that play a fundamental role in the appearance of such outbreaks:

1. Spring and Summer:

As heat starts to come, we sweat more, and the acne tendency of the skin rises. We tend to touch our face more, and with this the number of bacteria in our skin increases. Spring also plays a crucial role, as it is the time when our skin is most sensitive and reactive to external agents.

2. Masks:

Due to the current situation, it´s very common the appearance of acne by the excessive use of masks.                                                 These affect our skin in numerous ways:

• We tend to sweat more, and as it is not possible to ventilate the skin properly and sweat accumulates, not allowing the skin to dry well, and as a consequence blocking the pores.

• Bacteria and dirt tend to accumulate in damp places (such as under our mask)

• A continuous pressure and friction on the skin because of the mask. This causes the sebaceous glands to activate.

Here we leave you frequently asked questions, and some tips on how to solve these questions:

What can we do to improve the imbalance and reduce acne?

On the intrinsic factors, the issue of hormones has to be seen with the doctor, but one of the factors that people tend to look away from is that food is a key element…


Does my diet have something to do with it?

Yes, and it’s also a fundamental part. As our body is on the inside, it reflects on the outside. Here are some tips that can help, small changes make the difference:

• Find out if you have any intolerance (such as gluten or milk)

• Take Vitamin C (to reduce inflammation), Omega 3 (Anti-inflammatory), Zinc (Helps hormonal balance and tissue regeneration).

• Eat an antioxidant diet to help the liver “recover”. Personally, the diet I like the most is to take only apples for 3 days in a row. As you go through these days, reduce to an apple a day, and make it a permanent habit.

• Another option to start the day with a detox shake that includes: avocado (to support essential fats), cucumber (hydration), green leaves such as spinach (detox), chia seeds (fats).

• Add to your diet ingredients that help digestion and dissolve fat in the liver, such as grapefruit

• You can make herbal tea such as: mandarin, lemon balm, verbena. They will help dissolve fat in the liver.


Talking about cosmetics you have to break some myths that will help you improve the health and appearance of your skin:

If I wash my face a lot, won’t they come out? What kind of cleansing do you recommend?

No. Too aggressive cleaning leaves the skin unprotected, which can produce the opposite effect that we are looking for  and increase even more sebum production in our skin. We recommend using a cleanser that respects your skin’s barrier but that does not contain oils , such as Purify cleanser. It´s the perfect complement, as it has sebum regulating components that help your skin look grainless but hydrated.


Can I skip the moisturizer?

“If you have mixed/oily skin I don’t have to moisturize the skin”, It´s one of the most common mistakes we usually make. You can have mixed skin and also dehydrated (lack water) and have pimples… Hydration is one of the fundamental parts of a facial routine.

Using products that dry the skin: You have to be careful, because they can completely dry out your skin, destroying the skin barrier and generating a dry skin look with pimples.

That’s why at Dafna´s Skincare, we don´t believe in shock treatments (since they dry out the skin a lot), but in progressive treatments that are respectful to our skin, moisturize and help solve the problem.

There are some cases in which the use of our serum would be enough (since it does not dry the skin, but at the same time that treats acne breakouts, moisturizes our skin), but it’s also very important that the moisturizers you use are oil-free, and very light. Moisture Light is your best ally in this case. It deeply moisturizes the skin but without that oily feeling, and leaves the skin calm and soft.

That’s why we created our new serum, Clear:

CLEAR is a natural and vegan serum, designed to help acne-prone skin look lighter. It helps with preventing outbreaks, and reducing the redness of the skin caused by acne. Clear helps to generate balance.

CLEAR contains a blend of African “Spider Flower” Polymers, which helps reduce sebum production. Anti oxidants of Melacare TM, Green tea, Tea tree and Amla that help prevent oxidation of the skin and reduce pigmentation spots in the area affected by acne. Calendula extract and rose water soothes the skin and gives a feeling of comfort.

If you are suffering this season of hormonal changes that are reflected in your skin, or if you have more reactive skin due to the regular use of Covid protection masks, this serum will help you to have clear, calm and healthy skin.

To get the most out of our serum, we recommend a specific routine to treat this type of skin:


Purify Cleanser

Soft lotion-gel cleanser. Leaves skin looking clear, glowing and provides feeling of freshness. Indulgently formulated with eight natural oils and nutrients.

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Moisture Light

Feel your skin light hydrated without oiliness. Our awards winning, result driven, light natural moisturizer is great for people who want a hydrated skin without that oily feeling
Includes 19 hydrating and renewing ingredients as Hyaluronic Acid and Argan oil and fresh and calming Calendula and figs extracts. Neroli and Rosemary essential oils uplift the spirit and provide skin with beautiful glow.

Suited to: normal, combination skin

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