Skin is not only about cosmetics...

We tend to think that the more cosmetic products we use, the better skin we are going to have. But in reality the skin is not only based on cosmetics ... Our inner health is reflected on our skin, and our skin reflects on our inner health..

Do you have skin problems? Listen to your emotions

It seems like this is a viscous cycle- when we take care of the skin, we also take care of our inner health. And when we take care of our health we also take care of our skin.

As I always like to say, “A balanced and mindful skincare routine allows us to feel more in control over our skin, our thoughts, and consequently over our life.”

So in a way, our skin can be the cause and the objetive.  

Personally, it seems like a very good tool that helps us to have control, have better habits and help us feel better. That is why I use Soul ingredients in our products. Which helps us from the skin to reach our soul and of course to see reauts over the skin.

And I know you will be wandering, and how do I do that?. 

Aromatherapy is one of the best ways to affect actively on the vicious cycle of mind and body:

1. Lift up your energy: If you feel tired, demotivated use citrus essential oils (like sweet orange, orange and lemon). Those are oils that have a high concentration of Limonero, Citral and Geranium, which are antidepressant, aphrodisiac, and soothing.

That’s why using creams like Moisture plus,  Moisture light y Recovery Cleanser that contain those essential oils, will help you start your morning or finish your day with a more positive mindset. These essential oils have humongous benefits to our skin, being antioxidants  and regenerating (that gives our products a double effect within).


2. Calming & Self-love: Oils like rose, chamomile, rosewood.. are love, relaxing and calming oils. This composition is high on Linalool and Estes which are calming, comforting components. They contribute to self acceptance and love . (you ask why? in studies it has been shown that these types of sweet-aromas are connected to childhood and to the first aromas we get from our mom’s hormones and breath-feeding. So they are connected emotionally to the first bond we had in life, the first secure place we had…)

On skin level, they are essential to have healthy and glowing skin. Due to the fact that they help us hydrate, tone, calm and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. In our products you can find them in Night cream Nutrition & Serenity oil.

In this image you can see the analysis of the chemical composition of chamomile essential oil, which is a calming aroma for the mind and the skin. 

Each essential oil has a specific chemical composition that determines its full function, both on the skin and emotionally.

In this case, as we can see that between 82 and 90% of the chemical composition of chamomile oil is attributed to “ESTERS” which are calming components (the % changes based on the location and conditions of which the plants were cultivated).

To feel all these benefits you will have to practice a conscious cosmetic session. Follow our guidelines:

  1. Take some of the product (crema /oil) and warm it up in your hands. Feel the textures of our product.
  2. Inhale its unique aromas few times, Inhale and exhale profoundly 3-5 times. Feel how the aromas are penetrating your mind. Be at the moment. Its Your Moment). 
  3. Apply the product onto your skin- starting with the pulsing areas ( around the temples, between the eyebrows and behind the ears), always massaging in an upward motion, and simply enjoy the present moment.

If you would like to learn more, have a look at each of our products in the recommendation of their use and in our My Moment Rituals or send me an email to