¿Sensitive skin? Learn more on how to treat it

Do you feel the familiar sensation of heat, itching and redness on your skin at certain times of the day? I mean this uncomfortable blush that usually appears on the cheeks when you are exposed to a polluted environment, in a situation of great stress or simply after having a glass of wine. 


If it looks familiar for you, it is because your skin is sensitive. What exactly is "sensitive skin"?

It can be defined as a skin disorder which is characterized by an exaggerated respond to external and internal agents, showing the following complex and variable symptoms:

  • Transient symptoms: burning, redness, tingling or itching.
  • Other symptoms: redness, tightness or peeling.


These symptoms are manifested by factors such as:

  • Sudden changes in temperature.
  • Dry or very dry environments (heaters, fireplaces, air conditioners ...).
  • Highly polluted environments (ozone, suspended particulates, polluting gases, tobacco smoke…).
  • Cold and wind.
  • Solar exposition.
  • Stress and anxiety situations.
  • In contact with water or cosmetic products which contain perfumes, detergents and preservatives.
  • Spicy foods and alcoholic beverages


It affects our self-esteem and life quality

This skin condition is a difficult syndrome for dermatologists to diagnose. Their point of view is that having sensitive skin is subjective. Therefore,  people who suffer from it, can feel frustrated because it affects their self-esteem and quality of life. The researches show that:


More than 50% of the world's population is affected by this condition


Specifically, 35.4% of people suffering sensitive and 27.9% of the male population (Boussetta and Taieb, 2011).

Why does it affect women mostly?

Hormonal changes, stressful situations, intense emotions… usually tend to affect women more and this is reflected in our skin in the form of redness and blush.

In order to help you reduce redness and achieve peace and serenity,  follow these 4 key steps in your routine:


1. Delicate cleaning

It is the fundamental step that all skin types must follow to achieve healthy skin. However, when we already have sensitive skin, finding a cleanser that is effective and gentle on skin and on delicate areas like the eyes may be a difficult task.

For this reason, I want to help you to make your facial cleansing pleasant for you and your skin:

More than just a cleanser: Barrier Protection Cleanser is a treatment that strengthens the skin's protective barrier:


A cleanser that leaves the skin clean, free of impurities, soft, hydrated, calm and protected. Its continued use generates a more resistant skin and helps reduce sensitivity, redness and itching, without attacking the acid mantle of the skin.

In addition, it is a renewal treatment of the skin's protective barrier as it prevents loss of hydration and mitigates the effects caused by external agents.


Why Barrier Protection is an ideal cleanser for sensitive skin?

  • Ideal for the eye area, cause it does not contain essential oils that can cause irritation.
  • It does not contain preservatives (which are the main cause of irritation in sensitive skin), only acids which are derived from plant.
  • Ceramides, one of the best ingredients for sensitive skin, help to restore and strengthen the skin's protective barrier.
  • Fight against oxidation and pollution particles.
  • Provides hydration and softness thanks to the exquisite combination of Abysoft (biotechnology) and Chamomile, Rosehip, Avocado, Sweet Almonds, Sunflower and Castor vegetable oils, with anti-inflammatory, emollient, antioxidant, moisturizing and protective properties.
  • Removes all kinds of dirt particles from the skin, even waterproof makeup.

    2. hydration, hydration..

    After cleansing, spray Active Mist on top of your face for instant freshness, hydration and radiance. Then, to reinforce hydration, apply Moisture + —if you have dry skin or prefer richer textures— or Moisture + Light —if you have combination / oily skin or you like light textures.


    3. Extra protection

    Including 2-3 drops of Serenity Oil to calm your skin. You can use it whether you have dry skin combination or oily skin. It will help you reduce inflammation, itching and redness.

    Remember: sun protection in your daily care.



     4. In your daily life, add your Calm and Efficacy Ritual

    Definitely, if your skin is sensitive start by choosing a respectful cleanser such as Barrier Protection Cleanser and enjoy your conscious cleansing ritual:

    • Stand in front of your dressing table, look at yourself at the mirror with the intention of spending a few minutes for yourself, of peace and serenity.
    • Take a little product in your hands and apply it gently all over the face, neck and cleavage… The eyes too.
    • Enjoy its texture, experience how the oil turns into a delicate lotion when you massage it.
    • Give yourself extra pampering and self-esteem by making 3 pressure points that help you reduce stress: in the temples, between the eyebrows and the behind ears.
    • Look in the mirror how your skin is calm and you feel more serene.
    • Clear it with tempered water. You can do it with the help of Beauty Facial Cleansing Muslin or the organic cotton discs (gifted with our  Barrier Protection Cleansing).
    • Finish your ritual by taking an infusion of Passionflower to start or end the day relaxed.


    It's your moment time... and relax

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