Beyond just skin, we read our emotions...

In this interview with the facialist and cosmetologist Araceli Marengo, an expert in Ayurvedic and sensorial treatments. We talk in depth about the importance of everything that surrounds a beauty ritual, and how it´s essential to go deeper than just taking care of the skin.

Many times we tend to overlook the fact that what happens to our skin is strictly related with how you feel inside. That is why, adapting our routines to take care of ourselves with respect  both inside should be such an important part of our daily life. 

And why not help ourselves to feel better when we have the tools to do so?

Here you have the essentials of this wonderful interview full of knowledge, which is focused from the point of view of looking inside ourselves a little more often and knowing how to know what we need and when.

  • Why do you share our belief that skin is not only about cosmetics?

It´s clear that cosmetics have a fundamental role in protecting and taking care of the skin, but there is an important factor that is slowly becoming more relevant, and it´s emotions. They have a great influence on the feeling of well-being within ourselves. Generally, it´s determined by what kind of lifestyle we have, our diet, if we have an active lifestyle and if we have a conscious rituals that support a more holistic care to come into action.


  • How do you think emotions affect our skin? What about in skincare ?

I like to say that everything is related, from top to bottom and from the inside out. First of all, let´s not forget that the skin is like a protection shield and also a living organ, so emotions are manifested through it. I like to say that what affects the skin affects the mind and vice versa thanks to it´s close relationship with the nervous system.

In terms of treatment, for me it´s essential to have products that have the ability to calm the skin, mind and body while providing a solutions to make us look better.

Then if we are saying that the mind is related to the skin, why don´t we dig deeper to find the heart of the problem?

We often see pale/devitalized skin, is there some fear behind it?, maybe redness or even acne, you might be going through a period of stress or anxiety? With holistic care we can give a little support to fix those internal problems as well. Either in specific moments in the spa or small moments at home.


  • What role do essential oils play for you in your rituals?

I love this question because this is where the power of the sensoriality comes into action. It has a very important role in my rituals for several reasons... First, because we know that essential oils have many  benefits and properties in a topical level, but it´s on the olfactory level where they have the ability to stimulate a part of the brain called the limbic system. These sensations connect us with our essence and emotions, allowing us to bring back memories, experiences or lived situations that has lead us to calm state at some point thought our life.


  • Why do you like our products and the philosophy of the brand?

Dafna's Skincare is that kind of cosmetic that I call "sensorial cosmetics" which I love because it combines all the ancestral and ancient knowledge in the rituals, which we know works because it has been proven to be more than effective in the skin. And also combines the most innovative biotechnology with sensorial textures and effective results, while calming the mind and body.

As for why I like philosophy, I'll answer with just an outline of mine: "I firmly believe that our skin is the reflection of our physical and emotional state of mind, hence my way of seeing skin care from a holistic point of acceptance."

At the end, everything is based on the balance of all levels.


  • What are your favorite products?

I love all of them because each one of them fulfills a different function and they all complement each other, but if I had to choose a few they would be:

Recovery Cleanser I love the double cleansing process at night, and starting it with this cleansing balm it´s a real therapy. It perfectly combines smells, texture and the best results! The way it leaves the skin it´s just incredible.

I am also an absolute fan of mists, so I love the Active Mist because it gives a fresh feeling just when you need it, and also unifies the tone and maintains hydration thought the whole day. 

And las but not least will be Nutrition  night cream, the sensation on the skin the morning after using it, is just wonderful and the formula it´s just fascinating.


  • Do you have any tips for creating your ritual at home? What do you think these rituals bring to people?

There is a quote from Sidney J. Harris that says "The best time to relax is when you don't have time for it."  This phrase invites us to reflect on those moments when we say we don't have time..

So my best advice is to start easy by getting into the habit of just doing it. It´s also important to know what our skin need in the first place, then I would recommend starting with the basics, and day by day start incorporating more products and dedicating more time to your selfcare...

It´s a beautiful moment to connect with yourself, with your essence and feel good about taking care of you. If you want to go a little further and deeper, I recommend doing the ritual once a week with a meditation like the one in their web..

Calling it a ritual, instead of a simple routine, brings presence and commitment to our self-care...


Recovery Cleanser

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Active Mist 

Active Mist works both as a toner, to finish the cleansing process, and as a Mist to keep the skin hydrated and fresh throughout the day. Hydration, instant radiance and cool-fresh touch. Our formula is unique, due to the low percentage of dry oil that it contains and helps skin maintain high hydration levels. 

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Nutrition is a luxurious night cream that helps regenerate skin cells and improve collagen production. Telva Magazine describes its effect over the skin as "Good face look". The skin looks fresh and tighter as if you slept a good night sleep. Leaving the skin nourished, hydrated and soft with a slight Tensing (lifting effect).

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