New Paradigm: 3-Steps Body Ritual for premature body aging & cellulite

Have you ever wondered if our body skin ages like facial skin? Its time to start looking at how our body skin actually also suffers from the passing of the years and environmental factors, resulting in a more sensitive, dehydrated epidermis, with a lack of luminosity and flaccidity. That is why I want to approach our new treatment with this NEW PARADIGM: we are going to take care of the boy skin the same way we take care of our facial skin.

From the age of 30 onwards, the skin starts to change: its barrier function weakens, the oxygen exchange in the cells slows down, the epidermis get thiner, moisture levels and elasticify decrease.


What are the aspects responsible for skin aging?

The first and main culprits are ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which accelerates the skin's aging process: dehydration, wrinkles, blemishes, flaccidity and sagging.

When we expose ourselves to the sun for long periods of time, chronic degenerative changes occur in the skin. Therefore, regardless of our age, if we have been exposed to the sun for long periods of time, signs of premature aging develop. This is known as photoageing. The skin is unable to repair this damage itself:

  • In the epidermis there is a deterioration of the protective function and melanogenesis, so the skin becomes more sensitive and dehydrated, radiant decreases, and spots appear easily (melanocytes multiply exaggeratedly). 
  • The deeper layers such as the dermis and hypodermis are also affected, resulting in a lack of firmness, sagging and wrinkles. The dermis thins, the dermoepidermal junction (junction between dermis and epidermis) loses solidity due to the deterioration of the collagen fibers and there is degeneration of the elastic fibers resulting in deeper wrinkles.

Another important factor in skin condition is stress: when we spend a period of time feeling very stressed, the body releases cortisol and causes the skin barrier to weaken. The skin becomes more sensitive and reactive.


In the long term, cortisol affects the reduction of collagen and elastin proteins production and therefore responsible for premature skin aging.


Stress is followed by pollution, smoking and alcohol which form free radicals which have a direct impact on the health of the skin causing a chain reaction of oxidative stress, leading to sensitivity, dryness and an increase in the production of blemishes.

Other external agents such as exposure to extreme cold, heat and wind should also be taken into account although their impact will depend on the area in which we live and the length of time we are exposed to them.

New paradigma - a new way of looking at body care

Our new approach to body care makes use of the science, quality and ingredients that we already use in facial care. Here we go one step further with body care, in addition to moisturizing and improving cellulite, we maintain the youthfulness, beauty and health of the body's skin as we do with facial care: counteracting the signs of (photo)aging such as wrinkles, sagging and lack of radiance.

Below is a summary table of what makes our new treatment a NEW PARADIGMA… from the philosophy to the latest ingredients, in each step we looked at body care in a different manner:

How do we achieve this?

  • We treat problems that go beyond the typical body issues: from the most common ones such as cellulite and lack of hydration to issues that are more commonly treated in "facials" such as deep nutrition, wrinkle fighting, oxidation and pigmentation.


  • We apply the same high standards to our products:

Products with more than 60% certified organic

100% natural origin. 100% Vegan.

We do not use perfumes, only essential oils.

We use science and technology to offer remarkably advanced products.


  • My Moment Rituals: As stress is a critical arte of the body aging, the emotional part of the My Moment ritual is accompanying us to take care of ourselves on an emotional level - the skin doesn't look the same...

New body products for all-round care

Your Body Ritual in just 3 steps:  An easy to implement Body Ritual that helps you reduce stress levels and connect with yourself in 3 simple steps. 




Soothing, renewing and healing botanical oil. 

Provides fast absorption and "seals in" moisture. Composed of an exclusive selection of organic plant oils, soothing and healing extracts, it reduces irritations, allergies and itching, making it ideal for spring and summer.

Discover Harmony Oil



Remineralises, exfoliates and reduces inflammation

Handmade in the Himalayas, highly concentrated in calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium, which are essential for maintaining the balance and health of the body. Ideal for tired legs and cellulite.

Discover Himalayan Salt Stone



Much more than just a serum... A unique, revolutionary and highly concentrated formula.

Best in class, ultra performing body serum to provide the skin the look and feel of a young skin. A highly concentrated formula, based on a scientific- medical formula, that offers what every woman needs.


  1.  Anti-cellulite booster with a toning and firming effects. Helps reduce fluid retention (arms, glúteo and legs). Combination of biotechnology and active ingredientes (like carnitine and caffeine)
  2.  Boosts hydration and nurtures the skin. We used a medical level production scientific formulation, so that Youth Recovery serum is absorbed VERY FAST with no oily residuos over the skin.  At the same time skin is left HIGHLY soft and nurtured. (with hyaluronic acid and organic bamboo)
  3.  Rich in antioxidants to help reduce wrinkles & dark spots (with moringa oil and turmeric extracts) 

The texture and aromas provide you a unique My Moment experience. 

 Your skin will get a luminous, firm, hydrated and vital skin.

  * Light texture, non sticky, very comforting and soft, velvety touch. 69% Organic ingredientes,

* Quality of a facial treatment product.

Discover Youth Recovery Bio-Active Serum


Can the order of application be altered?

Yes, you can apply Harmony Oil at the end to "seal in" the moisturiser as used for facials. Apply it in this order if your skin feels super-dry, flakes easily or feels very tight. 


Hope I helped you start looking at your skin in a new way , taking care of it and its premature aging with our new ritual. Yoc an either try each product or the entire ritual. so that this summer you will feel much more confident with your body.


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