Psychological benefit of Rituals

In all cultures, and since ancient generations, there are ancestral beauty rituals that understand the physical and spiritual individual as a whole being through a holistic care: body, skin and soul. Why are Rituals so important and what are the key elements? 

Rituals in general in life help us to put things in their little boxes. When we are putting things in boxes, we have their place, their time frame and steps. We are more aware of what we have to do and we find it easier to repeat them.

4 reasons why the Conscious Beauty Ritual is positive on a psychological level

That's why I created the My Moment Rituals, based on my experience as a psychologist and aromatherapist, because when something makes us feel good, and we maintain it over time, we get it reflected in the appearance and health of the skin. And for this, my recommendation is that you practice the Beauty Ritual every day. 

These are the 4 key elements to follow in my My Moment Rituals


1) Consciousness

The first thing in this Ritual is to be conscious and this means to know that this Ritual is going to contribute to your skin as well as to your wellbeing and that is why you have to do it. It is knowing how to give it the right place in your life, because when you are conscious, you make better use of the Ritual, and you dedicate time to it, because it is something that comes from within you.

2) Place

It is important that you do your ritual in a place where you feel comfortable, where you are really you... And with your intimacy. It can be anywhere, from the bathroom to the living room... My advice, and it is something fundamental, is to prepare this place with elements that symbolise the Ritual (and make us "feel more like" doing it and repeating it): products, aromas, music, even candles...


3) Time

As for the time we dedicate to the Ritual... my recommendation is to keep it short. And that does NOT mean that it stops being a Ritual, only that it is easier to do and repeat. Because in this way, it doesn't demand a lot of time. It can be 3-5 minutes a day and at the weekend you can dedicate a little more, 10 minutes.



I wanted to show you the example of Pamela, who is a mother of young children and has found her way to make the best use of her time... You have to find your own moments that are the most suitable according to your lifestyle, your habits, your schedule... EVERY person is different.













3) The steps

  • You can accompany your Ritual with the My Moment meditation  to become aware of the moment you are dedicating to yourself and to be in the present.
  • Raise your awareness in the Ritual - look at yourself in the mirror, connect with yourself by looking into your eyes (your eyes tell you how you are each day).
  • Take the right amount of the cleansing product (always start with cleansing), warm it a little between your fingertips to appreciate its aroma more - that way the essential oils are more active - inhale its aromas that reach the limbic system (responsible for emotions, memories...) and connect with the sensations they transmit to you - it will help you feel better.
  • Apply the product consciously, feeling how its texture melts into your skin. Do it with a gentle massage...  Did you know that massage increases the production of oxytocin, the happiness hormone?  - And not only that, it reduces cortisol and therefore helps us to reduce stress levels - give yourself a small, gentle, mindful massage every day!

Ritual is a pleasant moment that you decide to dedicate daily and as we have seen it impacts us in a positive way in our way of seeing life. 

Here you have the link to see which Ritual is the most suitable for you.

If you have any doubts, send us a message

Love, Dafna.

"The 5 minutes we take care of ourselves can be a game changer. Let’s go back to loving our skin with skincare that REALLY takes care of us holistically; healthy, innovative, with rich texture and aromas”