We are vegan!

I have some news ... If you are looking for vegan cosmetics, you are in luck!

I am really excited from this change… It is something we have been working on for the past 2 years… I always wanted our products to be 100% vegan. Not close, not near to… but truly 100% vegan.

It has been challenging in the formulation- as of course I wanted to make sure textures stay high quality and not rough, oily or too basic… So as you know, all of the last products we launched- were vegan from the start, but I had the 3 three products- that originally were the first products I designed… and they were still not vegan. BUT FROM NOW ON THEY WILL BE!

We took off the beeswax, which gives solid texture without  making the product oily, and we changed it into Camellia flower wax. The formula has gone through many tests, so that the texture or aroma will not change. It took some time, but we are happy to say that we have it.

Products that have been reformulated are:

What is vegan cosmetic?

Vegan cosmetic is one that is not tested on animals, does not include any ingredients of animal origin, or products that may have been generated by them.

I have a present for you

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