4 benefits of Himalayan salt stone and how to include it in our Body Ritual

Did you know that in ancient times people visited salt caves to improve breathing, skin health and reduce stress? Today, a massage with our Himalayan salt stones will provide you with a wide range of physical and mental benefits.

Himalayan salt is obtained by mining salt mines, where the salt is extracted by hand and then formed into the desired shape.
Each of our Himalayan salt stones is 100% handmade. They are hand polished, so each one is unique, varying slightly in size, color and shape.


What is its composition?

Salt stone contains a wide variety of minerals such as: sodium chloride, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sulphur oxide, manganese, fluorine, iodine, zinc, chromium, copper, cobalt, iron (from where it receives its pink color) and gold.If there were one element to stands out, it would be magnesium without a doubt. A mineral that is essential for our health and which helps to restore the skin's natural vitality and softness. 
This mineral is available in different foods, but it is often not well absorbed, which is why, through the massage with the salt stone, we will provide the rejuvenating, balancing and moisturizing properties of this mineral to the skin.

What are the 4 main benefits of salt stone massage?

1. Gentle exfoliation and pH balance

By massaging with the salt stone we manage to eliminate dead cells that tend to accumulate on the surface of the skin, reduce ingrown hairs and even out the skin tone, resulting in a more beautiful, smoother and brighter skin.

Additionally to all those benefits, thanks to exfoliation we facilitate the absorption of the cosmetic active ingredients that we apply afterwards, achieving a more beautiful and lasting tan. (Do not expose yourself to the sun on the same day that you perform the exfoliation process. Wait at least 24 hours, and remember to expose yourself gradually and always use sun protection).

2. Activation of blood circulation and elimination of toxins

By making circular, upward movements, we activate the venous return circulation and the lymphatic system, making it ideal for combating fluid retention, cellulite and tired legs. 
If you tend to have fluid retention -especially with the arrival of the heat in spring-summer or during the premenstrual phase- it will help to massage with the salt stone, focusing on the ankles, knees and buttocks.


3. Relief of muscle and joint pain

Thanks to the sodium and magnesium content of the salt stone, it also provides with an anti-inflammatory effect. This, combined with the toning and analgesic effects of the massage, helps to battle chronic pain* in joints and muscles. Ideal for before and after exercising, especially if you tend to feel stiffness within your body and muscles.

*In cases of severe pain, it is more advisable to use cold to reduce inflammation. If this is your case consult your physiotherapist or doctor.

4. Reduction of stress levels

This salt stone technique helps create a sense of deep peace and relaxation, decreasing stress levels and helping to promote rem sleeping state.For a very relaxing experience, it is important that you perform the movements slowly and mindfully. You are investing time in yourself, you deserve to enjoy what makes you feel good, both inside and out.

How to use it?

The Salt Stone is part of our 3-step Body Ritual, a complete and effective ritual that prevents premature aging and cellulite. With this ritual you will have radiant, hydrated and youthful skin.  

The salt stone is used as the 2nd step of the ritual, after applying Harmony Oil. This first step of applying our body oil is crucial, this way we reduce the friction of the stone with the surface of the skin, providing a delicate yet highly effective and controlled exfoliation. 
As you massage the body and activate the circulation, the stone wears away due to the salt penetrating the skin. This helps the oil and minerals in the stone to be absorbed better.

Ergonomic: thanks to its oval shape, it is easy to hold in the hand and covers a large area of the skin for massage. 

For an effective and sensorial self-massage

  • Always make circular movements in upward motions: from the feet and ankles to the buttocks and from the hands to the shoulders. Emphasize more on rough areas such as knees and elbows and cellulite-prone areas such as thighs and buttocks.
  • Keep it gentle. Control the pressure on delicate areas such as the inner thighs and arms, ankles and abdomen.
  • To get the most benefit, heat the stone. Simply run it under very hot water and then dry it thoroughly with a towel.

  • TIP:

    When the stone is starting to wear away, the surface becomes rough. A tip to polish it and make it smooth again, the key to that is to rub it with a towel. For the stone to be really effective, it is crucial that the stone is wet.
    Avoid massaging on damaged or wounded skin, and areas where skin is more delicate (avoid chest and neckline).
    After the massage with the Salt Stone, the treatment is completed with the third step, Youth Recovery Bio-active Serum. This powerful concentrated serum not only leaves the skin soft, hydrated and fresh, but also provides an effective treatment against aging and orange peel skin.


    Are you pregnant?

    You can apply Harmony Oil to soothe, nourish and keep your skin hydrated. But as a precaution, avoid massaging with the salt stone and applying Youth Recovery Serum.
    I have created this Body Ritual for you to look your best and feel comfortable when wearing tight pants or a short skirt. I want you to feel good in your own skin. I want your skin to look smooth, luminous, nourished, with less orange peel skin... I want you to feel better about yourself.

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    We await further scientific evidence on the skin benefits of the Himalayan salt stone composition.