Did you know that your facial routine can be your escape from daily stress?

With September approaching, it's the perfect time to establish rituals that help us face our daily routine in a more manageable and stress-free way. In this article, we will explore how stress and other lifestyle factors can impact our health and skin. Additionally, I will share some recommended rituals and tips to ease the transition and make it easier to face September with calmness and confidence.

Before we begin, keep in mind three key elements for successful rituals:

  • Knowing when to say "no"
  • Establishing "priorities"
  • Scheduling "time for self-care"

How Does Our Lifestyle Affect Skin Health?

You have probably heard of the exposome, the major cause of skin aging, which includes the 7 external factors to which we are exposed throughout our lives:


 The 4 factors that have the greatest impact on skin aging and our health are solar radiation, pollution, smoking and stress.

As experts in Psycho-dermatology, we want to focus on stress, because we believe that addressing this essential factor will not only improve the health of your skin, but also your emotional and mental well-being.

Right now, as we get back to the routine in September, it is crucial to adopt habits that promote self-care and help us face these challenges with less stress.

In this image we show you how stress has a significant impact on our health and skin:



Therefore, it is crucial to adopt rituals that promote self-care and help us face daily challenges with less stress.

These are general tips that you may have heard, but it is important to remember: 

Walking daily helps release endorphins and reduces stress as well as activating blood circulation, oxygenating tissues and improving skin tone and appearance. 

Secondly, planning your weekly menus will give you peace of mind by taking the stress out of deciding what to cook each day, especially when there are children at home. Planning also makes it easier to eat a healthy, balanced diet, which is also crucial for the health and appearance of your skin.

The key is in the advanced Psycho-wellness Ritual

DAILY RITUAL - take Beauty and Calm at night.

Beauty and Calm is a nutricosmetic that calms, prevents and improves the signs of skin ageing such as blemishes, wrinkles and sagging. In addition, its botanical ingredients such as passionflower, lemon balm and lime blossom, known for their relaxing properties, will help reduce stress levels and promote calmness before bedtime. 

WEEKLY RITUAL - incorporate massage into your routine: Enjoy a unique approach to reducing stress and promoting relaxation with our exclusive Psycho-dermatology.

Massages are excellent for reducing stress and promoting relaxation. 

  1. Tapping Technique: A therapeutic technique that combines the stimulation of acupressure points with small tapping motions with the verbalisation of positive affirmations. This technique is used to reduce stress, release negative emotions and promote calm.
  2. Acupressure: Acupressure is an ancient Chinese technique that involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to relieve stress and promote relaxation. This practice stimulates the release of endorphins and helps balance the body's energy. In this article I tell you how to find acupressure points easily and effectively.
  3. Kansa Wand Massage with Serenity Oil: The Kansa Wand is an ancient Ayurvedic massage tool used to promote energy balance and stimulate circulation. When combined with Serenity Oil, rich in omega-3 and 6, antioxidants and soothing oils such as lavender, peppermint and blue tansy, it creates an enriching self-care experience: it promotes tissue oxygenation and elimination of toxins, nourishes the skin with its essential fatty acids, strengthens the skin barrier, soothes redness and irritation, and provides antioxidants to combat oxidative stress. In addition, the gentle touch of the tool and the soothing scent of the oil help calm the nervous system, promoting a feeling of deep calm. 

Remember that even though there may be difficult days, committing to yourself is the first step to getting back to your routine in September with less stress. Set aside time in your diary now and start dedicating quality moments to yourself, even if you can only spare 5 minutes a day...